3 Productive Things You Can Do To Build Team Culture This Month

Tired of thinking about the election? Same. So let’s talk about some leaders you can tolerate – your team. We talk a lot about building a culture on your team where everyone feels welcomed, connected, and engaged. But to make that happen, the leadership must have their own positive team culture. And it’s not as […]

When You Go To War with Post-It Notes as Your Ammo

When You Go To War with Post-It Notes as Your Ammo

What if you walked into work, looked out the window, and saw Marge Simpson looking at you from the office across the street? Here at the office, Melissa and I have been day-dreaming about attaching a #FreeHugs sign to the window by our desk, so that the building next to us can have a laugh. Apparently, […]

#WeirdCard – A Unique Team-Building Idea

Ever laugh so much during your work day that you have to stop and ask which teammate is the weirdest? Now, when I say weird, I mean the funny, eccentric, off the wall, silly comments, mannerisms, habits and facial expressions that make up each individual. We embrace the weird at Swift Kick. In fact, the […]

Can I Quote You On That? – Introducing a Quotes Board to your Team

“Nobody ever calls me!” – Tom “Do you want me to call you sometimes?” – Sabina  “No, I’m good, I’ll talk to my cats.” – Tom Today it hit me that something we do over at Swift Kick HQ is a GREAT team building activity that we should share with the world. Throughout the week, […]

Creating the Perfect Storm on Your Team

It is that point in the semester where campus organizations and clubs have met at least once. Everyone has had their first meeting where everyone gets to know each other, see the plans for this semester, and define the role each team member will play. According to Tuckman’s Team-Development Model, we have just passed the “Forming” […]

Open Your Heart: 3 Ways to Use Life Defining Moments to Strengthen Your Team

Today marks another year in the books for QUEST, a first year summer leadership experience at my university. Each year I’ve served as a peer mentor during QUEST, helping the freshmen in our program to adjust well to campus, become engaged leaders, and develop personal goals for the year. Each year, the peer mentors and […]

A Statue of Success for Your Campus Organization

A Statue of Success for Your Campus Organization

While at a professional baseball game with friends this past spring, I came across statues of historic baseball players. They were beautiful statues that depicted the legendary players’ most notable stances while they had played. While staring at these iconic figures, I asked one of my friends, “If there was to be a statue made of yourself, […]

Community Building through Campus Traditions – A Student Leader Spotlight

We are always meeting student leaders who are going the extra mile to make others feel welcome and build community culture on their campuses. We realized that one great way to learn from each other is to spotlight different students who have made an impact on the lives of their fellow students. Meet Yolanda Cobblah, a student at […]

Community at Swift Kick HQ – We Share Stories

One thing that sticks out while working at Swift Kick is that we are all friends, working together. We aren’t just coworkers. This is the kind of thing you want to create within your on-campus organization: friends, doing cool things together. One of the simplest and most effective ways we foster a community within our […]

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