Mastering Flyer and Poster Design: 10 Tips for College Student Leaders

Whether promoting your club’s next big event or recruiting new members, creating eye-catching flyers and posters is key to grabbing attention on campus. Here are ten essential tips to help you design flyers and posters that stand out and effectively communicate your message. 1. Clear Messaging is Key First things first, your flyer or poster […]

Finding Future Leaders Within Your People

Hold back the tears because, at some point, you will have to pass on the leadership role to someone else. In our world, we call these people Trending Leaders. But don’t worry; it’s easier than choosing what to watch on Netflix each night. The process of finding, picking, and training these people happens long before […]

Starting a Conversation with a Stranger – The C.A.T.S.I. Framework

Three things that intimidate me: If you are like me, I can’t help you with the first two, but for the third one—meeting new people for the first time—I created a clever little strategy to help me not only start a conversation but also build a connection with someone that I’m meeting for the first […]

Don’t Mix Marketing With Relationship Building

As you walk down the street, you see me at the end of the block, holding up a “Free Hugs” sign. What do you do? If you’re a hugger, you might dive in for a squeeze. If you aren’t a hugger, you might smile as you pass by or cross the street faster than someone […]

Design Our 2024 #FreeHugs Postcard!

Are you a creative person? Does your art dazzle, amaze, and inspire? Do you want the opportunity to have your original design travel across the world? We have an exciting opportunity for you! Here’s the rundown: Swift Kick loves free hugs, both virtual and in-person. We want to spread that love as far as it […]

Vision, Mission, and Values Part 4: Creating Your Team Values

At this point in the journey, your team should have a clear sense of what mountain you will climb (Vision) and which path you will take up that mountain (Mission). Most teams might stop here; however, there always comes a point in the journey when challenges happen and tough decisions must be made. Sometimes you […]

You Need To Ask To Increase Engagement

Every hand in the room was in the air. I knew the number would be high, but I didn’t expect it to be 100%!  At a recent leadership program I ran at Gannon University, I asked the current campus leaders how many are in a leadership position because someone asked them to take on the […]

Stop Trying to Engage Your Entire Community With The Same Type of Activities

It was a sad situation, knowing that the group spent thousands of dollars and no one showed up to the event.  I was working with a university in Georgia that was hosting an outdoor adventure day for their campus. Ironically, it was raining that day, so they had to move the adventure indoors. The entire […]

Three Effective Ways to Increase Productivity and Focus in Meetings

I felt naked without my cell phone next to me during the meeting. As I entered the room for our two-hour meeting, someone greeted me with a briefcase filled with cell phones. I was told that everyone was required to place their cell phone into the briefcase before entering the room. My first reaction was, […]

Who Makes The First Impression in Your Community?

“Mo!!!” Everyone in the room yelled in unison. Of course, everyone knew instantly who I was talking about, but all I said was, “The security guard out front is great!” Mo is the security guard at the main entrance to Seton Hall University. He is the first person that everyone meets and greets as they […]

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