Design Our 2024 #FreeHugs Postcard!

Are you a creative person? Does your art dazzle, amaze, and inspire? Do you want the opportunity to have your original design travel across the world? We have an exciting opportunity for you!

Here’s the rundown: Swift Kick loves free hugs, both virtual and in-person. We want to spread that love as far as it can go. We’re asking you to create a postcard that shows our friends what free hugs means to us.

Every year, Swift Kick asks its extremely talented community to submit designs for a chance to be featured as our next Free Hugs Postcard artist. Anyone can enter! Once submissions are closed, one person with out-of-this-world creativity will be selected. Could you be the chosen one?

Steps to enter the Free Hugs Postcard Contest:

1. Apply

Send your name, university/organization name, email address, and examples of your designs to [email protected] by November 19th, 2023. Applicants are encouraged to submit multiple designs to increase their chances of getting selected.

2. The Swift Kick team picks the top 4 postcard submissions.

3. The community votes and decides who the 2024 postcard winner will be.

4. A finalist is chosen, and we all celebrate!

The final chosen postcard will be our official 2024 free hugs postcard and the artist will receive a stipend of $250!

For inspiration here are some of our prior year winners.

Jonny Division Martinez, 2022
Jasmin Prows, 2020
Abby Castillo, 2018
Jaxy Stewart, 2016

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