Q4 Retreat: How to Build Your Own Swift Kick

September 18, 2017 set the date for yet another amazing Swift Kick team retreat day for the beginning of Q4! This quarter brought forth even more amazing and crazy memories from the Swift Kick family that I will happily share with you. For this quarterly retreat, the theme that Sabina and Melissa had devised was […]

The Random Acts of Kindness Day Mini e-Mag #RAK17

Random Acts of Kindness Day 2017 was a success – thanks to you! There were many creative ideas happening throughout the day. So, we decided to switch things up by presenting to you some of the best ideas in a mini e-mag form. Enjoy! Are you as impressed as we are? How was your RAK […]

Food for People, Dogs, and the Soul on #RAK17

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day, folks! There have been some RAK-attackers at it since first thing in the morning. We have been monitoring all the activity on insta and twitter. Here are 3 of our favorite RAKs done so far! Food for People Food for Dogs Food for the Soul These are some great […]

Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Anywhere

T-9 days until Random Acts of Kindness Day, and we can’t wait! We know it can be tough to think of new ways to be kind to people. To help you plan your R.A.K.s, here’s a list of things you can do…anywhere! Kindness for your team: Leave compliments for each team member to find before your next […]

Are You Ready to #RAK17?! – Random Acts of Kindness Day is Coming Soon!

Imagine walking up to a vending machine, desperate for a chocolate bar, and lo and behold – there are 4 quarters taped to the glass! There’s also a note that says – You’ve been RAKed! Enjoy your next snack on me. #RAK17.  Wouldn’t that feel amazing? Even more amazing – you could be the person […]

Humans Need Humans: 10 Quotes That Remind Us Every Day

Happy International Day of Peace

Throughout time, in song, scripture, music and books, the call to action around community has always existed. No matter your sex, religion, education level, political affiliation or ability, you can’t do it alone. Here are some quotes, old and new, that mark how important it is to be on #TeamHuman. Humans Need Humans. It’s not just a hashtag; […]

How a Free Meal at Chipotle Reminded Me to Pay it Forward

New Chorizo? Sure, I’ll try it. Brown rice, no beans, pico, sour cream, cheese, guac, lettuce with a bag of chips. I usually get steak, but other than that, there you have my standard Chipotle order. The manager was training a new staff member and pulled him over to observe processing the order in the computer. The manager looks […]

#RAK16 – Everything You Wanted to Know About Random Acts of Kindness Day

Thank you to everyone who participated in #RAK16 Day! It was fun, as always, to see how many different ways there are to show kindness to others. The Buzz “Our group looks forward to RAK every year. This year we are pledging more random acts of kindness then we have ever done. I am very excited […]

5 Adjectives to Describe Random Acts of Kindness Day 2016 #RAK16

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day! You knew that though, since we haven’t shut up about it. As always, we drafted up a half-time post for you so you could see the good stuff for yourself. Without further ado, 5 adjectives to describe #RAK16 so far: Contagious #RAK16 – I had someone read my RAK […]

#RAK16 – 10 Reasons to Spread the Love Tomorrow

When someone signs up to pledge hugs for Random Acts of Kindness Day, we ask them why they are excited to participate. Here’s what some of our participants said! There’s still time to pledge for tomorrow’s RAK Day. Have an amazing day!

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