Q4 Retreat: How to Build Your Own Swift Kick

September 18, 2017 set the date for yet another amazing Swift Kick team retreat day for the beginning of Q4! This quarter brought forth even more amazing and crazy memories from the Swift Kick family that I will happily share with you. For this quarterly retreat, the theme that Sabina and Melissa had devised was entitled “How to Build Your Own Swift Kick” as a DIY styled approach.

Learn how to build your own Swift Kick by reading through our day of events!

Step 1: Planning our Build

To kick things off, we got right into the meat and bones of this quarterly planning. We began laying out all of the projects, expectations, and quarterly theme. This part seems to be the tricky part because our theme reflects how we all perform.  The themes we pick reflect what our overall goals are for the quarter.

Step 2: Build Your Own Lunch

After having started the morning by jumping right into planning, it was time to take a pit stop and craft our very own lunch. Sabina located an outstanding place online that allowed us to activate our DIY minds to craft the perfect sandwich/meal for lunch. I went the safe route going with grilled chicken, bacon, avocado and ranch on a whole grain bread. It was pure deliciousness!

Step 3: Building our Core Values out of Pipe Cleaners!

After a great lunch, it was time to show off our artistic building skills! Sabina had grabbed a huge pack of pipe cleaners out of her bag which immediately put some concern upon our faces. She had then informed us of the rules which were to create a visual representation of our core values in four minutes. Instantly, I had the ‘perfect’ idea to create an open door with a heart in the doorway to represent our “Open Doors Open Hearts” core value. As the timer started, I begin working on my masterpiece.

Quickly, I realized this masterpiece I had in mind wasn’t the greatest in the world, but I finished it nonetheless. As each of us finished, we all took turns going around the table displaying our wonderful creations. Without any further discussion, Tom was the winner due to his interesting approach which can only be described through a video demonstration HERE!

Step 4: Nailed it! Screw that!

As we continued with quarterly planning, we went over all of the projects we have listed to be done.  One-by-one, we went through the projects and held up a sign that either said “Nailed It!” or “Screw That!” to indicate whether or not we wanted to do the project. Tom again got creative and attached pipe cleaners to his pieces of paper to create signs. We really weren’t sure which he was holding up half the time, so we had to do some guesswork!

Step 5: Swift Kick Takes on China Town

Dinner was no exception to this theme. We went to China Town to craft our own dinner. This restaurant allows you to pick everything from your broth to your meat and vegetables as well as your very own sauce mixture. Needless to say, we got creative and mixed in a load of different foods to create an elegant meal.

Step 6: Paint Nite!

Finally, we headed out to a Paint Nite event at St. Pat’s to bring the night to a close. There was a host guiding us through the different steps needed to paint the picture in front of the room. All four of us had quickly discovered that we had very different painting styles. I would say that we all did extremely well for being amateur painters!

With that, the Q4 Retreat came to an end. It was such an amazing time to get the team together once again. Another outstanding day with outstanding people!

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