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Yesterday, technology teacher George Haines brought a group of his 7th and 8th grade students to our offices for a MicroInternship, a one-day opportunity to see what working in a tech startup is all about. Meaghan, our MicroIntern, spent most of the day working with us, and we were immediately impressed with her positive energy and sharp mind. Here's what she wrote about her experience with Red Rover:

Red Rover: an engagement platform for institutions and enterprises. Well, in the eyes of an average 13-year-old girl, that means absolutely nothing. But at the end of the day, that all changes.

We are looking for two awesome Rails developers to join our team. Red Rover is a profitable start up on a big mission - to accelerate the development of human potential by better organizing and connecting communities. Over 30,000 people use our software to connect to...

Moving students from online connections to offline engagement is a goal of Red Rover. We want to help you find people who are excited about the same things as you within your community and then help you go do stuff around those interests. Facilitating connections around shared interests builds a sense of comfort which according to researchers, like Astin and Tinto, leads to increased participation and, ultimately, retention.  For FYE courses we co-wrote curriculum that uses Red Rover to help students understand the concepts of first impressions and digital identities. 

We've received a collection of requests to write activities for orientation that use Red Rover to help connect students together better while at orientation. Below is the first, of many, outlines for ways to better implement Red Rover at orientation.

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