Increased Engagement Through Bizarre College Clubs

Yesterday, USA Today reported on how student participation in co-curricular (outside the classroom) activities leads to higher GPAs and a more satisfied social life. “College experts say students who participate in extracurricular activities are more engaged in the college experience, and benefits can be seen both in and outside the classroom.” The article’s focus wasn’t about participation […]

Red Rover Training At NMSU [IMAGE]

Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz

Last week I spent two days at New Mexico State University training their student leaders and staff on the launch of Red Rover as their new campus directory. Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz (pictured below) from the Student Success office hosted me. Beyond making me feel extremely welcomed by suggesting the best guacamole and salsa in town (Andele), Holly’s championing of Red Rover ahead of time has made for an already successful launch. Here’s to a great year working together! Hostess extraordinaire, Holly! Airplane breakfast of champions 1st round of student leaders – left side of room. 1st round of student leaders…

Affinity Housing: The Importance of Roommate Matching

College of Coastal Georgia recently transitioned to a four-year residential institution. Among the many changes, the campus will soon include residence halls and a director of residence life. Dave Leenhouts, director of CCGA’s student life, heads the committee to hire their director of residence life. In a conversation with Dave over the weekend, he talked […]

Newsletter: June 2010


Summer vacation has begun, and the Fall ’10 semester is just a shimmer on the horizon, but the action never stops at the Red Rover Student Directory Headquarters. With new student orientations already underway, we’re seeing a steady increase in Student Directory activity for each institution. Here are a few more things we’re excited about […]

Newsletter: May 2010


With graduation mostly done and summer just beginning, new student orientation is not far off. That means a whole new crop of students are looking for what to do on campus. It’s the perfect time to ramp up new member recruitment efforts on Red Rover for your campus’ clubs and organizations. Here’s a look at […]

Utilizing Red Rover Tag Clouds for Marketing

Red Rover uses tags throughout its interface to help match people and groups together on campus. Tags are simple keywords that describe a person or group. Institution tag clouds, like the one seen here, are a collection of all the individual and group tags for an institution. The institution tag cloud becomes a poster for […]

Future Features Discussion

Features and Bugs

What would you like to see us prioritize? We’ve got thousands of good ideas. Help us focus on what to do next. Here are some options – focused around goals, rather than features. 1) Increase joining new groups. Notes: This seems to be what the current software does best – get students connected with groups. […]

New Feature: Mass Mailing / Export By Tag

Features and Bugs

One of the goals of the project is to enable relevant communication from the school to the students.  Schools, for lack of a better method, end up sending too many emails to everyone. Students learn that emails are rarely relevant, and start ignoring all of them. loan in texas The tag cloud architecture of Red […]

Features and Bugs

Features and Bugs

A couple of feature improvements: Now when a new leader logs in, they will be prompted in the interface to complete their group.  This makes it much easier for them to get their info in. The system will now export sign-in tokens per leader.  This allows us to use trackable emails for the leader sign […]

Design Matters

Red Rover is about lowering the barriers to connection and engagement. We set out to make something simple that would help. Pushing this forward, we’re about to release Red Rover 1.2, with a new design. Important changes: + It looks better, which makes it feel better to use. + We’ve switched from “% Interest Match” match […]

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