Tis The Season To…Hire


With an amazing 2010 coming to a close for us at Red Rover and 2011 already looking like a landmark year, we’re expanding the team and looking to recruit some amazing new people. Below are two roles we’re hiring for in the next couple weeks. For both roles, they’d start off as trial contractual positions and if all goes well, move into full time positions within Red Rover within the first couple months of the new year. If interested, let us know, but know that creativity in submissions counts…

TITLE: Marketing / Sales Manager

OVERVIEW: The Marketing / Sales Manager populates and manages leads through the sales funnel to contract signed and payment received as well as renewing partners.


  • Lead Generation Setup / Logistics (Pre/Dur/Post) (Conf, Meetups, Mailings, etc)
  • Drive Leads through the sales funnel
  • Highrise CRM Management
  • Generate weekly, monthly, quarterly sales goals / reporting


  • Lead Generation
  • Deal Closings

IDEAL CANDIDATE (In order of importance):

  • Sales background/experience (better if was in education, best if was in Higher Ed)
  • NYC Based
  • Great/Hustle attitude
  • Understanding of the education market
  • Seen, experienced, or understand DFT
  • Skilled PookTre Artist

TITLE: Community Manager

OVERVIEW: The Community Manager both grows and increases engagement within our community of “fans” and our “Rovers” (users).


  • Managing engagement and growth of our Digital Identities (Wiki, FB, Twitter, UTube/Vimeo, Slideshare)
  • Managing engagement and growth of the community around our users (Our “Rovers”) through activities, events, contests, etc…
  • Generate weekly, monthly, quarterly community goals / reporting


  • Adoption Metrics (# of new community members)
  • Engagement Metrics
  • User Happiness (Qualitative, Quantitative)
  • Lead Generation

IDEAL CANDIDATE (In order of importance):

  • Community organizing experience (you are the one who connects people together. It’s not about you, it’s about them.)
  • NYC Based
  • Great attitude / personable
  • Seen, experienced, or understand DFT
  • Analytical understanding of how engagement leads to retention
  • Skilled Bog Snorkeler…**
** Link Broken as of May/2020

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