Making Meetings Matter – Our 5 Favorite Meeting Activities

“Welcome to this week’s meeting. I would like to begin by doing an icebreaker.” *Audible groan and visible slouching in seats.* Meetings. Nearly every professional has them, some dread them, most do them wrong. Below, you will see our top 5 favorite icebreakers meeting activities to lighten the mood and build community on your team […]

It Takes A Village

You have likely encountered this popular proverb, but I find context can be very interesting. Some of you may remember a community that influenced you, some of you may be raising a child, and some of you may have been part of the village. Here are two ways I have seen this proverb come to […]

My Journey: How I Became a Hall Director

Res Life at KU – where my journey began College is where we find ourselves and discover what we want to do in life When entering Kutztown, I decided I wanted to be a Special Education Teacher. After the first year and going into my sophomore year, I switched to Communication and eventually picked up […]

Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow Video Blog

Step 2 Red Rover Admin Set up Video Guide – Inviting Group Leaders

What a Weekend! I had the opportunity this past Sunday and Monday to attend the Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow conference as a delegate from Bridgewater State University. NASPA for Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education is a conference for emerging student leaders to connect and learn more about graduate school. This conference is all […]

Community + Politics = Communitics

Each time there is a presidential election, people’s values and politics naturally surface. When they do, conversations can quickly become arguments and differences of opinion can feel like you’re speaking a different language. Because of some very heated topics, this could mean alienating people and that’s just not okay on #TeamHuman. Here are some tips to learn […]

The TRUTH About Almost Any Staff Meeting

Here We Are It’s that special time a week where you have the opportunity to come together with your staff and meet about everything that may be going on in your residence hall or in your department. Times will vary, but it’s likely your staff meeting needs to come later in the day to accommodate […]

Why ‘Disney’s Lion King’ Perfectly Explains Life

Disney’s Lion King

Outside of the brilliant animation work and the lovable characters, The Lion King (the first one primarily), highlights valuable lessons people, particularly leaders, should always work to remember. Yes, it might be a Disney movie, but these African animals represent so much more. WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD.  The Future Simba, the future king of Pride Rock, has […]

How “Better Together” Has Shaped My Journey

Better Together

Heart pounding, sun beaming down, thousands of faces rushing past you, and enormously tall skyscrapers looming overhead, welcome to New York City. Amidst the overcrowded city streets and fast moving traffic lights, I found myself simultaneously overwhelmed and excited. I had NO IDEA what to expect when I was hired to be an intern at Swift […]

Leadership is Not Always About Being Followed

Leadership is Not Always About Being Followed

During a short car ride home from the gym with my father, he started to share about what he had been thinking about during his workout. He shared that through his life experiences, he has learned that leadership is not always about making sure others are following you, but more about being willing to go […]

When You Want to Scream Remember Me

When You Want to Scream Remember Me

Last night, I knocked over my coat rack as I was heading out the door to handle a problem.  It had already been such a rough Monday that just this simple event almost led me to tears.  Shortly after I received a text message from one of my classmates who told me that she just […]

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