Making Meetings Matter – Our 5 Favorite Meeting Activities

“Welcome to this week’s meeting. I would like to begin by doing an icebreaker.”
*Audible groan and visible slouching in seats.*

Meetings. Nearly every professional has them, some dread them, most do them wrong. Below, you will see our top 5 favorite icebreakers meeting activities to lighten the mood and build community on your team before moving on to tasks and projects. For more on meetings, remember Rule #1: Don’t call it an Icebreaker! 

1. Tom’s Favorite: My day is like this BLANK…

Place a random object in the middle of the room. Take turns incorporating this object into the description of how your day is going. For example, “My day is like this sneaker because today is running away from me.”

2. Sabina’s Favorite: Shoes and Scars 

Explain the story of a scar you have or where you’ve been in the shoes you’re currently wearing. For example, “This scar on my wrist is from rushing out of the car to dance practice. Or, “In these shoes, I bumped into John Stamos.”

3. Ryan’s favorite: Human Chain

One person stands and lists facts about themselves until another person has something in common with them. Then, that second person stands up, and they link arms with the first person. The second person then starts listing until someone else has something in common with them (and so on) until everyone is connected.

4. Jay’s favorite: Roses and Thorns

Share one good thing from last week and one bad thing. This is a great way to get updates and check in with your team, depending on how honest the shares are.

5. Melissa’s Favorite: Good News Tangent

Everyone has an opportunity to share a story that is not work related that happened in the last week. This reminds us that we’re all human and have life happening to us outside of the workplace.

Do you have favorite meeting activities you do with your team? Share it with us below.

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