Energy Flow: The Importance of Modeling Success in Group Settings

Recently, at a training I ran with a group of leaders, I was told ahead of time that a few people were going to be coming in late due to prior commitments. While typically not a big deal, this quickly became an issue for this group. The entrance door must have been attached to a […]

Party for One – The Value of Social Proof

Sylvia is the kind of person that wants to make a difference. When she sees an issue, she takes action. So when it was finals week at her university and she knew everyone was going to be stressed, she woke up early and drew the words “Free Hugs” on a large poster board. Then, she […]

Pillow Fights and Multiple Levels of Engagement

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DFT Lesson #2 is the foundation for the rest of our philosophy on engagement. Because from now on, you’ll know that there are multiple levels of engagement and the goal is to keep moving people towards Level 5 because that’s were the action is.

Tips for Time Management in Your Busy Season

Here at Swift Kick, August is our busy season. It is such a crazy time that even the word “August” brings chills up our spines and butterflies in our stomachs. Tom and Melissa are out speaking while Sabina, Jay and I are running the show behind the scenes. Think Wizard of Oz…but with less flying […]

Building Trust at an Event

This May, Swift Kick decided to do our first speaker training bootcamp which we titled “Speak Easy.” In a jam-packed day from 8:30am-6pm speakers, executives and anyone interested in learning came to LMHQ to learn how to be a better speaker. There were many components to making the day successful. One of the most important […]

Is Facebook Making My Brain Bigger?

We mammals have a unique part of our brain called the neocortex that separates us from every other animal on the planet. Among mammals, neocortex sizes vary greatly and humans having the largest neocortex. The research is still not yet definitive as to why humans are the largest. The most popular theory, created by biologist […]

A Facebook Crazy Ivan T-Bones an Application Company got some play on mashable a few weeks ago. They are one of a few outside application developers that were working on an instant messaging platform for social networks. They did a few things well. The review was decent, the future looked decent. The team working on dropped all of their other projects […]

On a few of the Same Pages with HASTAC

Wish I would have read this post before I wrote my last post on Mac DML. (Cathy – RSS feeds would really help.) Cathy writes: “Over the next several weeks, we will be posting several overviews or suggestions. Just as we wrote four postings on what we learned from reading all the applications, we have […]