Top 7 Classroom Tips – Of Course I want an A!

Tom, Melissa, and Sabina wrote a book about college students and how to succeed. I wish I had this book when I started college. There are so many great tips to learn from it. Today, let’s highlight the top 7 classroom tips on how to succeed academically. Tip #1: Making friends in class It is […]

The Intern Who Eats Her Pizza Crust First – Meet Dee!

New intern? Check. Every six months, Swift Kick welcomes an intern or two into the exclusive family. The new year will start in style as we welcome Dee Dube to the family! We can’t wait to get to know her at our retreat in January. Meet Dee: A junior at Southern New Hampshire University, we met […]

How My Professor is a Part of #TeamHuman

For the past week, I have been studying for my psychology exam. I didn’t do so great on the first one, so I was determined to do amazing on my final. When driving to class, I was jamming out to some awesome 90s music and enjoying the traffic that came along. After arriving at Kutztown, […]

4 Movies That Remind Us to Become a Better Speaker

What do Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Warren Buffet, Thomas Jefferson and Mahatma Gandhi all have in common? A fear of public speaking. From anxiety about a stutter to a fear of what people think, the fear of public speaking manifests differently for everyone. Here are some movies that remind us it’s just another skill […]

Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow Video Blog

Step 2 Red Rover Admin Set up Video Guide – Inviting Group Leaders

What a Weekend! I had the opportunity this past Sunday and Monday to attend the Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow conference as a delegate from Bridgewater State University. NASPA for Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education is a conference for emerging student leaders to connect and learn more about graduate school. This conference is all […]

3 Lessons for Every Leader in Your Favorite Movies

3 Lessons for Every Leader in Your Favorite Movies

Every now and then, a movie comes along that makes us feel good. And, just maybe, also has a tremendous lesson that we can carry with us. These three movies give leaders the basic, but awesome foundation of leadership. The journey and experience of leading is a privilege. Without a solid foundation in integrity, grit, […]

Taking a Time Out: The Importance of (Social) Staff Development

In my 10 years of supervising people in student affairs, the biggest lesson I can share would be to develop your staff. No matter my position, from RA to Associate Director, the value of connecting the staff socially made each team stronger and more efficient. For some of you, it may be a requirement; for others, you […]

Community + Politics = Communitics

Each time there is a presidential election, people’s values and politics naturally surface. When they do, conversations can quickly become arguments and differences of opinion can feel like you’re speaking a different language. Because of some very heated topics, this could mean alienating people and that’s just not okay on #TeamHuman. Here are some tips to learn […]

Know That You Are Not Alone – Seeing Support That is Already There

“Only 30 more days, I can do it!” My fellow cohort members and I are on the home-stretch for the last official month of our first semester of graduate school, and at first I had no idea how I was going to push through it.  First I went with a count-down, but I found myself […]

Learning Can Be Spontaneous and Unexpected

Spontaneous learning recently occurred for one of my resident assistants when she had to deal with a tough situation.  When everyone was freaking out, she remained calmed and handled the situation by calling who she needed to call to get the individuals the help they needed.  While she had been previously trained through mock situations […]

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