Know That You Are Not Alone – Seeing Support That is Already There

“Only 30 more days, I can do it!”

My fellow cohort members and I are on the home-stretch for the last official month of our first semester of graduate school, and at first I had no idea how I was going to push through it.  First I went with a count-down, but I found myself just wanting to rip off every week before it was half-way over.  Being in the home-stretch and having almost all my assignments due within my last four weeks of class, I was freaking out!

That is when I began to realize that a few of my assignments were group projects, so I was not completely alone in my freaking out.  Since my group has not even started to write one of our group projects, I started to realize that my cohort members are probably experiencing the same stress I currently am.

Not only did I realize that my fellow cohort members are just as stressed as I am when it comes to getting the 2 group projects done, but I also saw that my fellow cohort members are just as focused and stressed about finishing our first semester of graduate school strong.

Everyone in my cohort is going through the same level of stress, so talking about it to one another could prove to be highly beneficial.

This idea can not only be applied to my situation, but any other tough life situation where you may start to think you are the only one experiencing the stress.  It might work during:

  • a community crisis
  • big tests or exams
  • endings
  • beginnings
  • demanding events and projects

It is important to remember that there are members of your community who may be going through the same thing, and that you can all support each other. If you are able to just step back and think about it through another person’s eyes you may be able to find your own solution to your stress!

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