We are Hardwired to Connect With Other Humans

humans need humans

About 200,000 to 800,000 years ago, a massive upgrade in technology occurred. It was a technology upgrade that allowed for individuals to create deeper social connections, retain and exchange knowledge, and cooperate together. Nobody witnessed this upgrade directly, however, because it happened inside the bodies of our ancient ancestors. The change occurred inside the brain, […]

Tips for Staying Connected and Happy While Social Distancing During COVID-19

With many of us working and studying from home, this transition, along with all the anxiety we feel, can take its toll. Our primary focus should be staying healthy and protecting those most vulnerable. But while we do our social distancing as best we can, here are some tips to help us stay okay. Get […]

The Future of Free Hugs During The COVID-19 Pandemic

free hugs

Anyone who’s been a part of the Swift Kick family over the past 14 years knows that introducing the Free Hugs campaign to new people is a core part of our training. It’s how we teach people to build a Culture of Connection(TM) where everyone feels welcomed, connected, and engaged. But what about now in […]

Is Your Power Making You Lose Your Heart?

Jonas recently was promoted to a manager position at a nationwide furniture store. One of his responsibilities was to oversee the internship program for the company. In his first performance review as manager, his biggest complaint was how taxing overseeing the internship program was for him. He ranted about how long it took for the […]

Is Batman in Your Organization?: Creating Affinity Groups

A common practice of mine during my trainings to greet as many of the participants ahead of time. During one training, a guy walked in wearing a unique looking Batman shirt, so I made a comment. His face lit up and he excitedly said to me, “Did you know that today is International Batman Day?” […]

The Importance of Creating Your Secondary Family

When I was 11, Mom got the call that Gram was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In that moment, Mom promised that she would never put Gram in a nursing home. Two weeks later, Gram moved in. For the next seven years until she died, we spent our days dressing her, feeding her and chasing after her […]

Weak Ties Get You the Job

In 1973, Mark Granovetter, a sociological researcher made a simple claim, that  “….when it comes to finding out about new jobs – or, for that matter, new information, or new ideas – “weak ties” are always more important than strong ties.” When using the phrase “social network” now, we tend to think about the folks […]

Better than a Raise: Connections are the Key to Employee Happiness

“From now on, we’ll use this white board to track every interaction you have had with a client. If you don’t meet your quota, not only will everyone see, but there will be repercussions.” “The funeral is in the morning, so you’ll be back in office in the afternoon, right?” “I heard you did poorly […]

Your Graphic T-Shirt is Begging for Connection

My brother and I were visiting a relative in the hospital. When it was time for me to go home, my brother offered to walk me to my car. As we walked  down the shiny corridors, we passed a room that had the door open. We noticed a younger man straight up staring at us […]

Apply Two Hat Theory for Better Customer Service

I don’t usually show annoyance in my face, but the flight attendant on a recent flight was so oblivious to how she was treating me, that I couldn’t help myself. It all started on a six hour flight from Seattle to NYC. Within an hour of taking off, I finished the water in my canteen. […]