Do You Actually Know The People In Your Community?

In the middle of nowhere Indiana, lies a Mecca of amazing food known as the Oy Vey Cafe. 

As the name suggests, it’s a Jewish-run café, with all the food cooked by the family and inspired by their Jewish heritage.

While the food itself is remarkable, this isn’t a food blog. So, I won’t focus on its culinary excellence. Each year, I address first-year students at Saint Mary of the Woods in Indiana, and since the Oy Vey Café is close to campus, I ensure I visit.

This café likely serves thousands yearly. Yet, every time I visit, the entire café family remembers me, taking time to chat as I enjoy their food.

Numerous dining options near campus exist. However, my loyalty rests with this café because they treat me like family despite not sharing their Jewish heritage.

It brings to mind a banner I saw in a New York City gym: “Come for the equipment, stay for the community.” This principle applies whether you run a gym, café, student group, apparel shop, hotel, or bookstore. Assuming equal quality, people gravitate towards places that make them feel welcomed, connected, and engaged.

In any business, front-line employees interacting with customers play a crucial role in creating a Culture of Connection™, yet they’re often the least trained on this concept.

Amid countless choices, the Oy Vey Café in the heart of Indiana exemplifies the power of genuine connection. Beyond its delectable Jewish-inspired cuisine, this family-run gem excels at making patrons feel like kin. Returning to Saint Mary of the Woods annually, I’m reminded that loyalty hinges not only on product quality but also on the warmth of the experience.

Much like the gym banner in bustling New York City advocates, individuals are drawn by offerings but anchored by a sense of community. This principle resonates throughout businesses, underscoring front-line employees’ pivotal role in weaving threads of connection.

As your community, business, or organization flourishes, remember the profound impact of fostering a sense of welcome, connection, and engagement—an embodiment of a thriving community.

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