The Three Core Principles of Member Engagement that Apply To Every Community

Even though I can hold my breath for over three minutes, what could I possibly teach the U.S. Military about engaging their Marines? Marines are known for swimming for hours in freezing cold water while holding heavy weights above their head. I’m known for Free Hugs and my love of peanut butter. So when the […]

Highly Engaging Virtual Orientation Programs with Swift Kick

Highly Engaging Virtual Orientation Programs with Swift Kick

Raise your hand if you have no idea what the future holds! ….. ….. Oh, sorry, I couldn’t keep typing because both my hands were raised. If you’re like me, your heart has been beating extra fast because you really can’t process the sheer uncertainty of the next few weeks, months, or even the next […]

Icebreakers: How to Make Them Effective

Recently, we discussed why icebreakers are important. Now, I want to explain what makes an icebreaker effective. Some people love them, and others can’t stand them. However, you feel about them, researchers have found that feelings of closeness are sparked when people share things about themselves. What makes an effective icebreaker? Rules for Effective Icebreakers […]

3 Productive Ways to Procrastinate that Will Make You a Better Leader

Yeah, you heard me – I said productive ways to procrastinate. I just gave you your new favorite oxymoron. Ya welcome. Look at pictures of baby animals Stop what you’re doing. Google search “baby turtles.” Then go be more productive. The science: Apparently, looking at baby animals improves your work performance. This seems to be […]

How Cedar Crest College RAs Raise The Tide

As an intern with Swift Kick, I learned about the Core Values and their importance in every-day life. During staff meetings with my RAs here at Cedar Crest, I realize how each member of our team has used these Core Values without even knowing what they are. Recently, they were planning out their Building Wide. […]

Self-Doubt in Student Leaders: Ways to Overcome Insecurity and Encourage Yourself

Students entering college face a transformative period in their lives. Going to university is many students’ first experience with completely independent everyday decision-making. Aside from going to class and making sure to eat, students are also facing enormously important internal hurdles. They are asking themselves questions about their values, their futures, and their identities. During this process, some […]

Tips to de-stress at such a STRESSFUL time of the year!

You are almost there, friends! Finals are either here or right around the corner. I decided to put together some fun activities / tips to help you de-stress. I truly hope they help. In our book, First Year Student to First Year Success, we talk about getting “funstuck.” In other words, sometimes when you hit a […]

Smart Ways to Spend, Save, and Make Money While in College

Spend money … Make money … Save money Tom, Melissa, and Sabina wrote a book that includes amazing tips for individuals who are preparing for college or who are already there. Here are three tips that might help you learn how to #Adult a little more 🙂 Spend Money You always want to make sure […]

If College Involvement Looked Like Planets

Our Universe Check out the graphic and use your telescope to figure out where you fall on our planetary track of college involvement. The more involved you become, the closer to the center of your campus you are. Similarly to the sun, we’re afraid of getting too close sometimes. Check out some of our other […]

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