How Cedar Crest College RAs Raise The Tide

As an intern with Swift Kick, I learned about the Core Values and their importance in every-day life. During staff meetings with my RAs here at Cedar Crest, I realize how each member of our team has used these Core Values without even knowing what they are. Recently, they were planning out their Building Wide. (The Building Wide  is an event to which they invite every resident.) This year, they decided to host it as an outdoor event. In planning and hosting the Building Wide, each member of the team exemplified the core value of ‘Raise the Tide.’

Raise The Tide

On April 29th, we had our building wide program. This is a program where all of the RAs get together and do something fun with the residents in our hall. The RAs practiced ‘Raise The Tide’ by working together and helping each other out when they needed it.

Two of our RAs are part of the admissions team. They could not be at the actual event. To raise the tide, they volunteered at the staff meeting to gather and purchase all of the items and prep them for the event. Without being asked, they thought of a way to contribute to the group and help even though they will not be present.

Each RA had their own task. However, the Alternate Resident Advisors (ARAs), did not have to participate in this event due to the fact that it was an RA held event. Both ARAs helped Raise the Tide by contributing to the Building Wide. They both showed up early, helped plan the event, and helped clean up at the end. They really did embody the idea of Raise The Tide by stepping up and helping the RAs host a successful event.

If one RA had not completed their task, the whole event could have fallen apart

Everyone Raised the Tide by contributing to the project in ways they weren’t required.  They helped not only the staff, but the community as well, by hosting an amazing program.

At the Building Wide, there was:

– Rita’s Ice

– Chalking contests

– Rock Painting contests

– Bubbles

– Music

– Good friends and company

When the event ended, each RA helped clean up and close down this successful day.

My challenge to you is to encourage your teams and organizations to work together and Raise The Tide. Share your stories with us! We always want to hear about the amazing community that we are a part of!

Until next time, have a great day!

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