How to Reclaim the 15% of Energy You Lose on Camera as a Moderator

Swift Kick Virtual Program

You know how they say people look 15 lbs (7 kg) heavier on camera? Well, the same is true for your energy on camera, but in the opposite way. You will be perceived as having 15% less energy when on camera than when in person. This is due to the physical distance and the two […]

Get in the Habit of Giving Praise With Your Team

It was easy to see the smiles exponentially light up around the room as the co-workers gave each other praise for various things. Even the thickest skinned member of the team couldn’t help but smile when a co-worker thanked him for supporting her with an RFP coming due. The team of hard-nosed marketers turned into […]

The Danger of Keeping Negative Nellies on Your Team

Devin ran a real-estate management firm and his team was very close. They celebrated everything from birthdays to anniversaries together. From the outside, you’d assume they were the perfect team, but danger was just under the surface. Devin was actually running a team that was about to rot from the inside out, all because of […]

Using State Management on a Team of Zombies

To say we were all exhausted would be an understatement. After nine almost 16-hour days, managing 150 high school students, even the Energizer Bunny would probably tap out. My 20-person staff had one more day of the 10-day program. I needed the team to show up with the same amount of energy they had on […]

Using Slack to Build a Culture of Connection Within Your Team

By now, you probably know that the “quotes board” is a beloved Swift Kick tradition.  In fact, we love it so much, we started using the hashtag #SKQuotesBoard to share these quotes with you on social media. Working in a coworking space, however, means that there is no physical master list of these team quotes. […]

Tips for Personality “Typing” in the Work Place

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been an extremely organized person. My mom has pictures of piles of my shoes, organized by color and type. I placed myself in the center of a circle of perfectly organized shoes, and cried my eyes out when they were put back in boxes because my logic was […]

Words of Wisdom from American Military Heroes

Veteran’s Day, originally Armistice Day, started in 1919 to celebrate the first anniversary of the end of World War I. In 1938, it became an annual national holiday. Today, we observe Veteran’s Day as a way to honor American military heroes who fought for us, and also to remember those who gave their lives for […]

Stage Manager to Retreat Planner (Part 1)

When you hear the word retreat, what comes to mind? For me, retreat means: bonding, connecting, team building, goal setting, reflection, fun for all, and taking steps forward. Looking at that list of words and planning my first retreat sounded scary. Do I know my team enough to make sure the retreat is fun, helps […]

How Effective is Your Virtual Team? Take the Test!

I have attended video meetings while in the basement of Grand Central, on a train, walking down the street, in a car, and in a coffee shop. We live in a world where we can be at work without actually being there, and it’s awesome. Sometimes, members of your team are only “virtual” because they […]

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