Nonverbal Cues: Your Silent Partner in Engagement

Imagine you’re checking out a new apartment. While getting a tour of the place from the current renter, who would be your roommate, he starts acting odd. I mean, really odd. He walks rapidly around the apartment. He holds his water glass high above his head. Next thing you know, he is shuffling backwards on […]

Watch Tom Krieglstein’s New Marketing Video

It’s been a huge year so far for Swift Kick! First, we welcomed Justin to the team. Now, we are excited to show you Tom’s new marketing video. We are thrilled with the way it came out. Swift Kick is so proud of all Tom has accomplished with this company. In Tom’s own words: CELEBRATION […]

Meet Justin Barker: Swift Kick’s New Lead Facilitator

Have you heard the awesome news? We are so thrilled to welcome Justin Barker to the Swift Kick team as our new lead facilitator! We asked Justin a few questions about his experience so far at Swift Kick. What’s something you learned since arriving at Swift Kick? The biggest thing I’ve learned since joining Swift […]

Our Tried and True Schedule for a Quarterly Strategy Retreat

Handing out pennies in Union Square, seeing a show on Broadway, riding an aquatic themed carousel, playing board games, eating bugs, and visiting a cat cafe. At some point in time, Team Swift Kick has done all of these strange things during a quarterly strategy retreat. But strategy retreats are more than just surprise activities; […]

Throw Away Your To-Do List: Using Core Values to Navigate the Unexpected

Melissa’s TEDx talk was on Saturday. It was Thursday. We were discussing back and forth over whether the word “love” was the appropriate word for her closing line. We were on the verge of a nervous giggle fit, as the English language got less and less concrete in our minds. I was supposed to be […]

Building Trust at an Event

This May, Swift Kick decided to do our first speaker training bootcamp which we titled “Speak Easy.” In a jam-packed day from 8:30am-6pm speakers, executives and anyone interested in learning came to LMHQ to learn how to be a better speaker. There were many components to making the day successful. One of the most important […]

Good Leaders Don’t Waste Downtime – 4 Things to Do in December

In August, we spoke at 28 different events. In September we spoke at 13, and in December we spoke at 0. Some might look at December and think of it as a chance to exhale from the never ending travel and speaking that happened in the Fall. But as the CEO of Swift Kick, I […]

[BONUS Episode] Feed Your Butterflies – The Swift Kickin’ It Show

Feed your butterflies! No, not the ones you raised from larvae in 3rd grade. We are talking about the butterflies you get when you stand on stage or decide to try something brand new. Instead of running away and calling your mom, what if you turned that feeling into an accomplishment? This episode of the […]

How To Plan a Spooky Themed Retreat

The night before retreat, I panicked and barely slept. The thoughts running through my head were, “did I prep enough?” “Will we get everything done?” “I hope everyone likes the surprises!” “Oh no, I definitely forgot that!” I wanted my first retreat to go so well, that my anxious brain took over. Well….all my panic […]

Swift Kick’s 3 Steps To Creating A Culture Of Connection

A core value of Facebook is “Move Fast.” “Moving fast enables us to build more things and learn faster. We’re less afraid of making mistakes than we are of losing opportunities by moving too slowly. We are a culture of builders, the power is in your hands.” A core value of Apple is “Saying No.” […]

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