[Video] Working On Your Team Vs. In Your Team – The Swift Kickin’ It Show

“Unfortunately, I don’t like to have fun!” Except we do, and it’s evident in this energetic episode of SKTV.  You’ll have to watch the episode to understand why Melissa said this at all. This episode of the Swift Kickin’ It Show is for leaders who feel it’s time to step back from the day-to-day work […]

Being a Cool Boss Starts With Hiring

My husband has a running joke with literally everyone we know that “Sabina doesn’t actually do any work.” To most people on the outside looking in, Swift Kick spends business hours being ridiculously silly and having fun. I often get asked, “Hey, I see all the fun Instagram posts, but…what do you actually do??” LOTS […]

[Video] Running Effective Brainstorms – The Swift Kickin’ It Show

Brainstorming often gets a bad rap. One study that gets quoted over and over says that group brainstorming is ineffective and pointless. Is it really? How can you have a really good brainstorm with your team? These are the questions… This episode of the Swift Kickin’ It Show has the answers. We sit down with […]

[Video] Leaving Gracefully – The Swift Kickin’ It Show

How many sassy tweets about commuting in NYC can you handle? Hopefully a lot if you’re about to click play. And if you’re also curious about leaving gracefully from a position or job…then definitely click play. This episode of the Swift Kickin’ It Show is for those want to leave a position in the best […]

[Video] Having a Boss and Being a Boss at the Same Damn Time

having a boss and being a boss

How many times a week can you shop at Target? How many cats is too many? Is Tom really all that humble? These are some of the hard hitting questions we answer, along with discussing having a boss and being a boss at the same damn time, in this episode of SKTV. This episode of […]

[Video] Ask Me Anything with the Swift Kick Team


Horse whispering. It happens a lot more in this episode of the Swift Kickin’ It Show than anyone could have predicted. Yeah. If you have been keeping up with SKTV episodes, you’ve seen some great guests hang out with the Swift Kick team. But what about Tom and Melissa? Who are they, really? Watch them […]

Why We Had a Time Machine at Our Last Team Retreat

As you know by now, when Melissa and I plan a retreat, things can get a little weird. We started 2018 no differently, and this time the weirdness included a Back To The Future theme and our very own time machine. Yes, I said time machine. Here’s why a time traveling theme was the perfect […]

Welcoming Elon to the Swift Kick Team!

No, no. Not Musk. We have a cooler Elon on board here at SKHQ. Elon Kline is a sophomore at University of Delaware, studying Interpersonal Effectiveness in Leadership. He is also minoring in Organizational Community Leadership and Entrepreneurial Studies. But somehow he has time in between all that studying to also rock star his internship with us! […]

Ryan Looks Back at the Past 6 Months with Swift Kick

Dear Swift Kick Family, After 6 outstanding, fun and interesting months with you all, it’s finally time for me to retire.  These past 6 months have been an absolute pleasure, and with this came several memories I will cherish forever.  Being a part of #TeamHuman has been both eye-opening and life-changing for me, and I […]

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