[Video] Having a Boss and Being a Boss at the Same Damn Time

having a boss and being a boss

How many times a week can you shop at Target? How many cats is too many? Is Tom really all that humble? These are some of the hard hitting questions we answer, along with discussing having a boss and being a boss at the same damn time, in this episode of SKTV.

This episode of the Swift Kickin’ It Show is for those who are stuck in “middle manager purgatory.” It can be difficult to balance the two roles of having a boss and being a boss together. Hear from Scott Siegel, the Associate Director of Student Life & Engagement at Columbia Business School about how to manage these two roles. You’re on your way to being the best boss and employee EVER.

Checkity-check it out!

Swift Kickin’ It Show – Season 1; Episode 5 – Having a Boss and Being a Boss at the Same Damn Time

Show notes:

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Smart Rat Dumb Rat Study –> https://studentaffairscollective.org/students-dumb-rats-smart-rats/

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