[Video] How to Recover From a Team Hangover and Bring the Energy Back

At long last! The first episode of our long awaited Swift Kickin’ It Show is here! This month’s topic is “How to Recover from a Team Hangover.” But before we get into that, here’s a little background of what the show, also known as #SKTV, is all about.

Lead facilitators Tom and Melissa, along with Community Manager Sabina, sit down each month with an honored guest to discuss topics relevant to you, the team leader. We hope to bring you content that will make you think, solve your problems, and inspire you to be a better manager, leader, or boss. 

Each episode will be in the format of a casual talk show.  This means you’ll not only get tools and information you can use, but we will also be sure to entertain. Because we get a little whacky. So step inside our HQ and Swift Kick It with us as we learn and laugh together.

This episode of SKTV is for team leaders who experience the frustration of an energy drain within their team. Swift Kick chats with AJAX Union CEO Joe Apfelbaum about battling the “team hangover,” so your team can get back to being productive, happy, and energized.

Checkity-check it out!

Swift Kickin’ It Show – Season 1; Episode 1 – How to Recover from a Team Hangover

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