Is Your Team a Bunch of Dumb Rats?

dumb rats

While preparing for an upcoming program with a group of campus leaders, I asked the Director of Orientation if anything in particular stood out about her group of students. She replied, “I don’t know what it is about this year, or this group, but they just aren’t into it. They seem low energy, low passion, […]

Everyone Plays a Role in Engagement: Finding Community Leaders

DFT Tip #35

“You have to meet Ms. Peaches! Everyone loves her. She takes time to talk with each one of us to really understand the challenges we’re facing. When I talk with her, I can tell she really cares about our success. She goes out of her way to help anyone who needs it.” When I first […]

The Staggering Results of Successful Employee Engagement


As Terri walked into work, the front desk receptionist greeted her with his typical morning smile. Then, while Terri waited by the elevator to go up to her office, he also added, “Congratulations on your son graduating from college this past weekend! I know how much it means to you to have him graduate.” Terri […]

Houston We Have A Problem…with Employee Engagement

In 2013, Gallup undertook a massive effort to study the current state of employee engagement around the world. After surveying 73,752 employees in 141 countries, Gallup found that 24% of employees are actively disengaged, 63% are not engaged, and 13% are engaged. You will find that when an employee is disengaged with their work environment, […]

The Importance of Creating Your Secondary Family

When I was 11, Mom got the call that Gram was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In that moment, Mom promised that she would never put Gram in a nursing home. Two weeks later, Gram moved in. For the next seven years until she died, we spent our days dressing her, feeding her and chasing after her […]

Your ABC(D) Guide To Being An Agent Of Change

Change is an interesting word. Depending on who you ask in your industry of choice, change can either be welcomed with open arms or send people fleeing. In a dramatically entitled Forbes article from 2017, writer Sam Page leads off with “Adapt Or Die”. While incredibly blunt, those words ring incredibly true. In the higher […]

Crafting SMART Goals that Allow Your Team to Be More Human

In life and in work is important to set goals for yourself that are measurable and attainable. But how do you keep your sights set on the big goals and not beat yourself up over the little losses? “Metrics must meet three criteria to be useful in a business plan: they must be actionable, accessible […]

What Stories Are Your Forward-Facing People Telling?

Imagine expressing to someone that you are excited to see them, and they respond with, “Why are you here?” That’s basically what happened to me at a job and internship fair in college, though maybe not in so many words. I had always admired the MTA for their marketing on their own trains and buses. […]

10 Unique Quotes About Team Culture

Teamwork makes the dream work!  How many times have you heard that quote and wanted to quit your job on the spot? Yeah, us too. Believe it or not, there are quotes out there that will actually inspire you to build a great team culture. Check out some of the ones we found. Over time, […]

3 Signs Your Team Culture is Rotten

The team had nicknamed their boss “Lunch Box” so they could talk trash about him in the company chat room without him noticing. As if that’s not sad enough, what’s even sadder is that Lunch Box didn’t even know his team had nicknamed him Lunch Box. Sometimes he’d jump in on the conversations, thinking they […]

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