Being a Cool Boss Starts With Hiring

My husband has a running joke with literally everyone we know that “Sabina doesn’t actually do any work.” To most people on the outside looking in, Swift Kick spends business hours being ridiculously silly and having fun. I often get asked, “Hey, I see all the fun Instagram posts, but…what do you actually do??” LOTS […]

[Video] Ask Me Anything with the Swift Kick Team


Horse whispering. It happens a lot more in this episode of the Swift Kickin’ It Show than anyone could have predicted. Yeah. If you have been keeping up with SKTV episodes, you’ve seen some great guests hang out with the Swift Kick team. But what about Tom and Melissa? Who are they, really? Watch them […]

Q4 Retreat: How to Build Your Own Swift Kick

September 18, 2017 set the date for yet another amazing Swift Kick team retreat day for the beginning of Q4! This quarter brought forth even more amazing and crazy memories from the Swift Kick family that I will happily share with you. For this quarterly retreat, the theme that Sabina and Melissa had devised was […]

9 Quotes About Leadership from Richard Branson

Let’s face it, having limitless resources would be amazing. But so would inspiring and creating real, sustainable change in our world. Luckily, there are people in this world who do both. Richard Branson* was a high school drop-out with dyslexia and now is one of the most influential people in the world. Take a look at what this […]

Yes And…Using Improv for Team Success

Last week, I went to the zoo… Suzie: Yes, and when I arrived, I could understand all the animals’ languages… Johnny: Yes, and I heard the giraffes talking smack about the turtles… Fred: Yes, and I found out that it was because the turtles played a prank on the giraffes… See where I’m going with this? Nope? […]

It’s the Final Exit! – Healthy Skepticism

As we were climbing the stairs to leave the gym, I saw a sign near the floor pointing to the door that said, “Final Exit.” I thought to myself, “Well, that’s a bit dramatic. This is clearly not the last time I will exit this building, let alone anything ever. There’s still two more doors […]

Can I Be Real A Second? [Open Doors, Open Hearts Style]

Can I be real a second, For just a millisecond? -George Washington, Hamilton First, this post is a personal one, stemming from a core value here at Swift Kick, Open Doors, Open Hearts, so I hope you can relate. Second, yes, I am still obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack. Now that we have that settled, I’d like […]

Humans Need Humans: 10 Quotes That Remind Us Every Day

Happy International Day of Peace

Throughout time, in song, scripture, music and books, the call to action around community has always existed. No matter your sex, religion, education level, political affiliation or ability, you can’t do it alone. Here are some quotes, old and new, that mark how important it is to be on #TeamHuman. Humans Need Humans. It’s not just a hashtag; […]

Top 5 Tips For Starting & Ending An Internship On A Good Note

At the time of writing this, I am about to end an internship where over the 6 month period the individuals I have worked with have become like a family to me.  So how did that happen and over just a 6 month period? Here are 5 tips for starting & ending an internship on a good […]

What does your personality mean to you and your community?

What does your personality mean to you and your community

My sisters and I were recently sitting in a cafe, and I was discussing potential educational icebreakers that I could organize for the group of resident assistants that I will supervise this upcoming year.  A bunch of different icebreakers were brought up, but the two that stood out to me involved discovering the different personalities […]

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