Can I Be Real A Second? [Open Doors, Open Hearts Style]

Can I be real a second,
For just a millisecond?
-George Washington, Hamilton

First, this post is a personal one, stemming from a core value here at Swift Kick, Open Doors, Open Hearts, so I hope you can relate. Second, yes, I am still obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack. Now that we have that settled, I’d like to ask one question.

Do you ever feel like you have to be good at EVERYTHING?

Over the weekend, I went to closing night of a friend’s show One Funny Mother and she told her story of being a mom. She talked about always feeling like she had to be a good mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, etc… and I started thinking about my life and all the places I have to be good at everything.

Growing up, I felt like I had to be a great daughter, someone my mother could always brag about to co-workers and friends. In college, it wasn’t enough to be involved, I also had to graduate in three years on Dean’s List, I had to win pageants, be a great friend, the best significant other, help out around the house, take time to volunteer…the list goes on. It wasn’t until years later that I could really unpack the lessons I should have learned then.

Long gone are the days when you applied for a job and stayed there for 45 years until retirement. People have several career changes over the course of their lives. But, does that make us better as people? Are we learning what we need to? Or are we constantly starting over, paying our dues to get to some ever-moving finish line?

Unfortunately, I don’t have tips on how to beat this feeling. I really just wanted to share that it’s okay to feel like this because chances are you aren’t the only one. Sharing these moments of uncertainty and vulnerability on your teams can create lasting bonds and, more importantly, realistic expectations.

At Swift Kick, one of our core values is:

Open Doors, Open Hearts

It means to share your work and emotions and know that through openness comes trust, respect, and growth. I hope that you take time out for honesty on your teams.

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