5 Tips to Navigate Through A Personal Technology Crisis at Work

My generation gets a bad reputation for a lot of things! We get called out for not being politically engaged, wanting more “me time” and less work time, laziness, and bouncing from job to job more frequently than a small child changes their favorite color. But we do have some positive qualities as well. We […]

The Holiday Hugging Workout

Holiday Hugging! Well, look what we have here…the holidays and tons of holiday hugging. When did they sneak up on us? If you’re just as confused as we are about the new year being right around the corner, fear not. Swift Kickers and exercise extraordinaires, Jake and Melissa, have a preview of some of the […]

Getting Over Yourself to Influence this Generation

Stop Marketing and Start Engaging

Part of the intense facilitation/speaking training that I acquired through my three years working with QLN, was a deeper understand of their core tenets. Two tenets that still stick heavily with me today in the work I do with training staff, faculty, and administration on leveraging social media for increased student engagement are called, “The […]

Yesterday in #StudentAffairs (08/08/11)

—> 5 Notable Blogs <— –> 5 Notable Comments <— —> 5 Notable Questions <— Cultivating Compassion in Our Practice http://dlvr.it/fLpnZ #SAchat — Student Affairs (@The_SA_Blog) August 8, 2011 Cultivating Compassion in Our Practice http://dlvr.it/fLpnZ #SAchat — Student Affairs (@The_SA_Blog) August 8, 2011 Sending an e-mail to remind a student how to spell his own […]

Yesterday in #StudentAffairs (08/03/11)

Yesterday in #StudentAffairs

Blogs: Stressed? Know the facts and you might be a little less stressed. (via Chris Conzen) DYK going to college in which you are overqualified might hurt you? A new program attempts to fix that. (via Joe Earley) The history of Supreme Court rulings and Student Organizations. (via NASPA Bookstore) The long road of equality with […]

How Quickly Tech Changes…[IMAGE]

This is a copy of our 2006 interest form we handed out at conferences after ed sessions. Back then it was all about Myspace…and that was only 5 years ago!

February #RRWebinar Recap: Video, Slides, and Stats, Oh My.

With attendees hailing from over 70 institutions across North America, and a lively Twitter backchannel discussion, we’re chalking up our February 15 Webinar on Social Media and Student Engagement in the “success” column. Check out the full video above, or download the slides—but there is one catch: if you download the slides, you have to […]

Starting Alumni Engagement Before Orientation

I created this deck to frame the conversation as to how Red Rover can support alumni departments with their goals. It’s cross posted over at the Swift Kick/Red Rover blog. The slide show can also be viewed and downloaded here.

Red Rover Training At NMSU [IMAGE]

Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz

Last week I spent two days at New Mexico State University training their student leaders and staff on the launch of Red Rover as their new campus directory. Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz (pictured below) from the Student Success office hosted me. Beyond making me feel extremely welcomed by suggesting the best guacamole and salsa in town (Andele), Holly’s championing of Red Rover ahead of time has made for an already successful launch. Here’s to a great year working together! Hostess extraordinaire, Holly! Airplane breakfast of champions 1st round of student leaders – left side of room. 1st round of student leaders…

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