The Holiday Hugging Workout

Holiday Hugging!

Well, look what we have here…the holidays and tons of holiday hugging. When did they sneak up on us? If you’re just as confused as we are about the new year being right around the corner, fear not. Swift Kickers and exercise extraordinaires, Jake and Melissa, have a preview of some of the workouts they’ll be doing to welcome 2017 to improve their serious and energetic hugging game.

From weighted exercises to body weight exercises that make you feel like a boss, these two have got you covered for a sweat sesh you never planned for but always wanted.

Maybe your goals are different, and you don’t want to be the best hugger. While Melissa and Jake might not understand that, there will still be lots of food, desserts and champagne toasts. And we need healthy (huggers) in 2017. #LetsDoThis #TeamHuman

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