[Video] Emotional and Cultural Intelligence for Your Team – The Swift Kickin’ It Show

You’ve probably heard of emotional intelligence. But what about cultural intelligence? Do you have it? Does your team? If you ever interact with humans, you should probably level up on these skills.

This episode of the Swift Kickin’ It Show is for team leaders who wonder about how to encourage higher emotional and cultural intelligence within their team. We sit down with Richard Levychin to talk about his experience working successfully with people different than him, and how to encourage this skill in yourself and others. If you’re looking to take your team or business to the next level, this episode will teach you how to connect with your clients and teammates in a meaningful way.

Checkity-check it out!

Swift Kickin’ It Show – Season 1; Episode 9 – Emotional and Cultural Intelligence For Your Team

Show notes & further reading:

Microlending organization – Kiva.org

Emotional Intelligence: It’s Not as Complicated as it Sounds – http://ow.ly/65be30lO8Th

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