Community + Politics = Communitics

Each time there is a presidential election, people’s values and politics naturally surface. When they do, conversations can quickly become arguments and differences of opinion can feel like you’re speaking a different language. Because of some very heated topics, this could mean alienating people and that’s just not okay on #TeamHuman. Here are some tips to learn from differences and get the most out of your community.

Do your research

Everyone is entitled to their views. But, do you even know why or understand why you feel that way? Have you done research on the points that contradict how you feel? So often, we are taught lessons that then create a value or model in our minds for the way things are supposed to be. When things oppose that model, we create new values. Only when you have all the information can you defend it.

Talk to learn, not to defend or persuade

If we all went into discussions knowing that we probably won’t end up changing the other person’s mind, the world would be a much better place. It is amazing what you can learn if you listen to people. Perhaps their views differ from yours because of a tragedy in their lives and that leads them to vote a certain way. Or, perhaps you are not very active in politics at all but have some views already that are important to you. Take it all in!

Hug it out!

No matter what, the things that drew you to your team or community probably had more to do with common interests than your tax bracket or views on gun control. When all is said and done, know that you were heard. Hug it out and keep doing amazing things!


It is your constitutional right and duty to have a voice. VOTE, especially for your state and local officials.

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