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What a Weekend!

I had the opportunity this past Sunday and Monday to attend the Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow conference as a delegate from Bridgewater State University. NASPA for Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education is a conference for emerging student leaders to connect and learn more about graduate school. This conference is all about how to take the next step. Whether students were interested in attending graduate school immediately after their undergrad or they wanted to take a year off, professionals enjoyed the opportunity to share their experiences.

Check out the video below on what this weekend was.

The Graduate School Fair was a great space for student leaders to connect to a multitude of different Universities and Institutions that could be their home for 2-3 years in the near future.


I recorded us doing an energizer. BSU does it a little differently, and I thought it would be fun to share! What’s your favorite conference you’ve ever attended? What stood out for you? Who helped send you there? Please feel free to share what made the conference impactful!

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