How “Better Together” Has Shaped My Journey

Better Together

Heart pounding, sun beaming down, thousands of faces rushing past you, and enormously tall skyscrapers looming overhead, welcome to New York City. Amidst the overcrowded city streets and fast moving traffic lights, I found myself simultaneously overwhelmed and excited. I had NO IDEA what to expect when I was hired to be an intern at Swift Kick and now I was in the big city. I’ve never been afraid of independent work but I’ve always recognized the value of a team. The values and benefits were evident at a very early point in my Swift Kick career. From Quarterly Brainstorming to a scavenger hunt in the financial district, it was clear we worked best, together. 


As I start my intern journey with Swift Kick, I can’t help but to think of how far I’ve come. Entering my first year at Bridgewater State University, I was never inclined to get involved or to live outside my comfort zone. This fear paralyzed my growth and prevented me from taking advantage of opportunities. More than anything, I felt alone. I felt like I was always missing something. Yet, my friends at the time were content to attend class and go out on Thursday and Saturday.

Fortunately, that was never going to be enough for me. As I grew more comfortable with college life, I noticed a drastic change in who I was. My parents noticed I was going home on the weekends less. I would color code and organize my day for the first time in my life. Involvement motivated me to realize potential I never saw in myself. The people that were part of this involvement made an impact I could have never achieved alone. That’s me on the left taking the picture, much after I  started to get involved at BSU.


When I applied to be a Swift Kick intern, I had no idea what was in store for me. There was no way of knowing the goofy presenter from a NODA Orientation Conference would have so many values similar to my own. Freshman year Jake wouldn’t have taken a chance on a random company from New York. If that had been the case I would have missed out on the family I feel like I’m a part of now.IMG_5254

A main focus of Swift Kick, and a widely over-looked fact, is that humans need humans. We as people are “Better together”. Being independent is important and certainly having alone time can be necessary, but the impact we have on others is not to be undervalued.

There is so much that can be learned from one another, from interacting and engaging with people who have the same passions. This is when we’re capable of doing our best work. When we have the diversity of campus at our disposal and the experiences of the students and faculty, the possibilities are endless. The amazing people who work at Swift Kick recognize this, and I hope those reading this blog will too. Humans need humans because that’s what helps create communities. The support you receive by simply aIMG_5264sking for help is proof of how much better together we truly are.


Along with the help of Swift Kick and those I trust most, I’m confident I can achieve anything. I’ve learned I can reach out when life knocks me down. I can de-stress by going to the gym with my friends because I know they’re there for me.  I’m capable of much more because of the people who motivate me to “Play To Win”.  I know I need those humans who help make my world go ‘round.

Who do you need? Think about who has made a positive impact on your life. Who encourages you to be your best self? Why do those people matter to you?

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