It Takes A Village

You have likely encountered this popular proverb, but I find context can be very interesting. Some of you may remember a community that influenced you, some of you may be raising a child, and some of you may have been part of the village. Here are two ways I have seen this proverb come to life and what I learned from it:

From Orientation to Graduation:

Working in student affairs was truly a joy and sometimes feels like another life. From my time as an RA, 12 years ago, to advising students on their class choices just 18 months ago, I was never alone in the guidance I provided. I had advisors I went to for help and support so that I could provide students with the best help I could offer. Behind every degree awarded is a team of advisors and administrators that helped make it happen. Recently, I was thanked online for the help I provided a student and was in awe at a picture of her in her cap and gown. #Proud

For Scholarships:

You may know that I was a pageant girl. [elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, yes, I want world peace.] My time competing in the Miss America Organization was more than glitter and evening gowns. It was community service, maintaining a stellar GPA, being well-versed on current events…the list goes on.

Even after aging out of the system, I try to help when I can. Whether it is working during pageant week or helping young women prepare for a life-changing experience, the Miss New Jersey Education Foundation is part of my extended family. I know that no one can do it alone, especially since it is a volunteer organization. I offer help when I can because these young women deserve it. Just the other day, I was told, “I’ve never received so much help before, this is great.” It takes a village.

When was the last time you thought about how you got to where you are? And have you thanked the people who helped along the way? Take some time out and channel #TeamHuman to thank those who helped shape you. Here are three ways how:

  1. Tag them online! Let the world know how awesome they were and share your story.

  2. Send them a thank you note and personalized gift.

  3. Pay it forward. The best way to honor the assistance of others is to offer it yourself.

Share your story and your village below.

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