Beyond the Classroom: An Interview with Nic Ford

Interview with Nic Ford

Nic Ford is a sophomore at Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho, and is a member of the Red Rover Ground Team. He’s working toward a career in Marketing, and has big plans for his campus radio station this fall. Check out Nic’s design work at

Nic spoke with us about using tools like the Red Rover Student Directory to take his education beyond the classroom:

On social media:

Like many, I started using MySpace way back before Facebook was huge. I remember having a Facebook, but not being able to remember the password because I hardly ever used it. Today, I even have Facebook on my HTC. Incredible. I do have a Twitter account and a blog. I’m not overly clever, so most of my Twitter use is for following some pretty funny people.

On using the Red Rover Student Directory:

Right now, I have a lot of connections with the radio station on campus, and Red Rover has been a great tool for connecting with people on campus who are interested in music and radio. As a result, we are able to talk to people I would have never imagined would be interested in getting involved.

On taking his education beyond the classroom:

As a designer, the only real way to learn is to keep on practicing. A friend of mine always talks about how it’s impossible to master something unless you’ve used it for about 10,000 hours. I’m well on my way, but every day I try my hardest to stretch my design skills, whether it be by reading an article or doing a tutorial. Outside of personal work, all the jobs I currently have relate to my interest in graphic design/marketing (the future that I’d love to have). I work on campus creating websites for the college, and I also just designed the cover for our college’s campus newspaper.

On smaller schools and a smaller world:

I’m excited to see Red Rover grow and become more successful. I’m excited to start meeting more people from around the country. Sometimes I regret going to a smaller school, but it’s opportunities like these that are so exciting. It constantly blows me away how flat the world is becoming. Who would have thought that there would be so many web solutions that would network thousands of people who, otherwise, I would have never met in my life.

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