Is Batman in Your Organization?: Creating Affinity Groups

A common practice of mine during my trainings to greet as many of the participants ahead of time. During one training, a guy walked in wearing a unique looking Batman shirt, so I made a comment. His face lit up and he excitedly said to me, “Did you know that today is International Batman Day?” […]

Fun Is The Easiest Way To Change Someone’s Behavior

A group of psychologists seated themselves between a staircase and an escalator in a U.S. shopping mall to run a study. They set out to answer two questions: What percentage of people choose stairs over an escalator when given the choice between the two? How would behavior change if people were made aware of the […]

Houston We Have A Problem…with Employee Engagement

In 2013, Gallup undertook a massive effort to study the current state of employee engagement around the world. After surveying 73,752 employees in 141 countries, Gallup found that 24% of employees are actively disengaged, 63% are not engaged, and 13% are engaged. You will find that when an employee is disengaged with their work environment, […]

The Four Big Myths of Dance Floor Theory

Dance Floor Theory is an engagement system that can be used by any team or organization to better engage their employees or members. We use dance floors as a visual representation of engagement within an organization. In the middle of the dance are the most engaged dancers. We call them 5s. The least engaged dancers […]

Johnny Appleseed – The Ultimate “Party Keeps Going”

Unless you’re in second grade, you probably don’t know this, but today, March 11, is Johnny Appleseed Day! Yes, I was seven the last time I talked about him. But I did some research for this post, and I realized that he is a great example of the following Dance Floor Theory tip: The (Apple) […]

When Employee Engagement Goes Too Far – Scary Sixes

Robyn works at a large cosmetics company where meetings happen every day, all day. Others on the team describe her as loud, excited, and never-ending. In meetings, there is often no reason for Robyn to answer questions, but she does anyway. Many times, the questions aren’t related to her job and she doesn’t even have […]

Swift Kick’s 3 Steps To Creating A Culture Of Connection

A core value of Facebook is “Move Fast.” “Moving fast enables us to build more things and learn faster. We’re less afraid of making mistakes than we are of losing opportunities by moving too slowly. We are a culture of builders, the power is in your hands.” A core value of Apple is “Saying No.” […]

Gatekeepers of Culture: You Have More Influence Than You Think

Sometimes, I feel a little like a Disney princess. Let me explain. The SKHQ office is located in a building in the financial district of Manhattan, on the 20th floor. Every morning I sweep in, juggling my coffee, my phone, whatever book I am reading, and the rest of my life in my backpack. Good […]

Why You Need to Host a Blender Event (Before Your Next Big Event)

Blender Events

How many times have you run around passing out fliers to only have 5 people at your event? Have you spent hours crafting Facebook events, emails and Tweets to only get 2 likes and one person who shows up from social media? How many times have you thought, “There has to be a better way!”? […]