Top 7 Classroom Tips – Of Course I want an A!

Tom, Melissa, and Sabina wrote a book about college students and how to succeed. I wish I had this book when I started college. There are so many great tips to learn from it. Today, let’s highlight the top 7 classroom tips on how to succeed academically. Tip #1: Making friends in class It is […]

Surprising Community Building on a Sunday Morning at Church

After a brisk walk through Brooklyn Heights, my best friend and I arrived at St. Boniface Church. The dazzling stained glass had me staring up at the windows for the whole mass. I visited Melaney this weekend and per our tradition, if I sleep over on a Saturday, we go to church together on Sunday. […]

3 Ways to Foster Learning and Comfort in Your Group #50Meetups

Sometimes, when I visit a meetup for our #50Meetups project, I feel a little like a spy. To get a real feel for how the group functions, I have to act as a participant, not a researcher. No, I do not knit, or do origami. But I DO care about why your group members keep […]

Black History Month Heroes You Might Not Know About

Black History Month is over half way done, and there is so much to learn about the influential people that changed the landscape of our country. At Swift Kick, we pride ourselves on bringing people together. We celebrate human kindness and teamwork, but we also know that there are people in the background who do […]

Quotes about Community from our First 5 Presidents

Happy President’s Day! The United States has always striven to be a country of the people, knowing that the people, not the government, makes a country great. I pulled quotes from our first 5 presidents about what it takes to be a great community member. While they were speaking in terms of the citizens of a […]

An Introvert’s Guide to Being an Active Community Member

I’m an introvert, and I definitely don’t hide it. Anyone around me regularly knows I need time to decompress after a long day in order to feel like a human again. In addition to being so introverted, though, I am also extremely involved on my college campus. I hold two executive board positions in different clubs, […]

Pay Attention, Ask For Help, Set Your Soul on Fire – Leadership Tips

Each month Swift Kick will be highlighting a member in our community who shows extraordinary Leadership within their own community. In the month of February, we decided to conduct a Q&A with Tony Williams. He is a dedicated Community Assistant, the Social Diversity Chair for Association of Campus Events, and the Membership Chair for KU Presidential […]

Are You Actually a Community? – Team Awesome #50Meetups

The name of the Meetup alone, Team Awesome, got me excited about the potential of meeting some really cool people. With 67 people RSVPed, I was ready to mix and mingle with NYC’s most awesome. The location of the Meetup, Barcade, was just the icing on the cake. When I arrived at Barcade, the place […]

Networking at The Product Group – #50Meetups

I signed in at the door and was told to wait for a security guard to escort me to the elevator. In the elevator, there was a woman there to push the button for us. Was I entering some sort of high security zone? The elevator operator told us to enjoy, and we got off […]

5 Ways to Be an Exceptional Community Member from Our Team to Yours!

Curious to hear the perspective of the Swift Kick team on building a great community, I asked them all a question! If you could give the SK community advice about being a better community member what would it be? Here’s what we had to say! Tom’s advice: The more you put in, the more you get out. […]

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