Morals and Values

In light of recent events, I don’t want to talk politics. I don’t want to talk about rights and laws. What I want to challenge everyone who reads this blog, is to think about values. What Drives You At Swift Kick, we have values that hold our team members accountable. These values define the purpose […]

Do New Yorkers Smile at Strangers?

On July 15th I was incredibly nervous. Why, do you ask? Because I was walking the streets of New York City trying to find my way to meet one of my new co-workers, Jake. While walking six blocks on my own, I decided to be my normal self by smiling and waving to random people. […]

It’s Time To Go – Nicole’s Internship Wrap Up

Where do I even start? In no way did I ever imagine this internship turning out the way it did. I have no clue what I will end up doing for my career, but this internship was an amazing choice. Not only did it allow me to take a peek at the student affairs professional’s […]

A Bar-tender and Theater Lover – Meet Our New Interns, Matt and Nicole

The Swift Kick team is very excited to welcome its two newest interns, Matt Selba and Nicole Wood! Here is a little bit about them to introduce them to the whole community. Matt is a senior at the University of Delaware majoring in statistics. He is crazy involved on and off campus through his school’s Blue […]

Try Not to Cry – Kevin’s Swift Kick Internship Reflection

These past 6 months have gone by way too fast! Nonetheless, working with an amazing team, making new friends, and developing a new connection with folks were all worthwhile. During my internship experience, I was challenged in every way possible on a constant basis. There was never a dull moment while being a part of […]

That’s a Wrap: Kate’s Internship Reflection

I can’t believe it’s already been six months since my first day at Swift Kick. I’m not sure what I’ll miss most, but I know my life won’t be the same without the daily meetings and top rocks. From the beginning, I told Tom that I didn’t have many expectations going into it because I […]

INTERNSHIP POSITION: So You Think You Can Be a Swift Kick Intern?

It’s that time of year again; yep, you guessed it — Massachusetts Maple Month! But more importantly, it’s internship application time. And we want you to join our team from July – December 2015! So what does it mean to start Swift Kickin’ it with us? Check out this snapshot of the application: Your Mission […]

It’s Time For One Last Meeting Between Swift Kick and Nat Attack

Nathalia Brasileiro

And the day Sabina, Tom and I have been avoiding is finally here (not Tom, he’s just a weird dude). My 6-month internship with Swift Kick is over, and I’m sitting here writing this as I wrap-up my last day in office with these two awesome people. I’m not technically sad because even though I’ve […]

In Depth with New Intern Jeremy Chen


Here in the office, we are super excited to have Jeremy spend a month with us through an NYU program matching incoming college freshmen to internships. It’s been fun having him join us on the company retreat and every day, as he joins in on the shenanigans in the office. Jeremy was born in Taipei, […]

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