3 Types of Hugs for 3 Types of Moments


Every now and then I like to dwell think about my pageant days. Not because I am vain, but because if selected to represent New Jersey at Miss America, I think I would have done a darn good job. That moment would have changed my life forever. Who knows if I would even be writing […]

When You Go To War with Post-It Notes as Your Ammo

When You Go To War with Post-It Notes as Your Ammo

What if you walked into work, looked out the window, and saw Marge Simpson looking at you from the office across the street? Here at the office, Melissa and I have been day-dreaming about attaching a #FreeHugs sign to the window by our desk, so that the building next to us can have a laugh. Apparently, […]

#RAK16 – Everything You Wanted to Know About Random Acts of Kindness Day

Thank you to everyone who participated in #RAK16 Day! It was fun, as always, to see how many different ways there are to show kindness to others. The Buzz “Our group looks forward to RAK every year. This year we are pledging more random acts of kindness then we have ever done. I am very excited […]

5 “Blender Events” to Make this Leap Day Special

Don’t look now, but we all have an extra day this year! Because it’s a day we wouldn’t otherwise have had, it’s definitely a cause for celebration and for doing something special. Here are some blender events to make the most of today with your friends, peers, or coworkers. 1. Put up an “I will use this […]

Spaghetti and Meatballs with a Side of Trust

Why have a lazy weekend when you can experience the opportunities of growth, trust, and respect through meatballs?  Yes, I said meatballs!  More specifically, a spaghetti and meatball dinner. This weekend, I opened my apartment to my eight resident assistants and my fellow graduate resident director for a spaghetti dinner, and the outcome was amazing! […]

Would You Wear A Superman Costume on Campus?

A few times a week, Mark Wyzenbeek of Auburn, Washington, dresses up in a perfectly hand-crafted Superman costume and goes about his daily routine. He fills up his car with gas. He goes to the local bar. He buys milk. Mark follows a pretty normal routine, except he wears his Superman costume. In his words: […]

How I Used Facebook to Write a Blog Post, While Building my Personal Community

Before the year turned, I put up the following image on my Facebook page so that I could write a great blog post about my 35-Book Goodreads challenge I did in 2016. Four of my friends, all people I don’t see very often at all, sent me some really insightful questions. Answering them was a lot of fun, and […]

[VIDEO] Simple Events to Bring Your Team Closer Together

Right before she left, our intern Nicole made a fun video with community manager Sabina about their failed attempt to hold a blender event at their office. They talk about why it didn’t work to build community culture, why it might work for you, and what they could have done better. The second half of the […]

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