[Video] Ask Me Anything with the Swift Kick Team


Horse whispering. It happens a lot more in this episode of the Swift Kickin’ It Show than anyone could have predicted. Yeah. If you have been keeping up with SKTV episodes, you’ve seen some great guests hang out with the Swift Kick team. But what about Tom and Melissa? Who are they, really? Watch them […]

Should you be friends with your co-workers?

Not long ago, someone posted online, “If your only friends are your co-workers, then you have no friends.” I started thinking about different jobs I’ve had and the office dynamics attached to each of them. And while my co-workers weren’t my only friends, I most certainly considered them friends. Some things can’t help but be true when […]

Team Transition: Teach Them How To Say Goodbye

Team transition is an integral part of any leader’s responsibilities. Yes, you should be a good leader in your brainstorming sessions, during events, in meetings, in class, off campus, etc…, but especially in your transition out of a leadership role. There is a wonderful shift of power and closure that occurs during transition. Recently, I […]

Helping Out on a Walk Home

New York City. Busy sidewalks. Tourists. Baby strollers. Dogs. People down on their luck. And me.  As I was walking home from the subway last week, I saw a woman – almost in slow motion – trip over the top of the sidewalk and fall to the ground. I was too far away to catch her or […]

5 Lessons About Time Management – #50MeetUps

The journey to #50MeetUps continues on a stop to a workshop about time management by Barbara, a Certified Professional Coach. It is always interesting to see to the different approaches people take to common topics, such as this one. The techniques offered were things I have heard before, but the discussions in between the techniques were […]

Yes And…Using Improv for Team Success

Last week, I went to the zoo… Suzie: Yes, and when I arrived, I could understand all the animals’ languages… Johnny: Yes, and I heard the giraffes talking smack about the turtles… Fred: Yes, and I found out that it was because the turtles played a prank on the giraffes… See where I’m going with this? Nope? […]

5 Quotes on Why Speaking Well is a Requirement for Leaders

Public speaking might be terrifying, but there will be a point that it’s necessary. Here are 5 reasons why, according to some quotable people. The above five reasons are why we are so excited to announce our Speak Easy Bootcamp so you can learn to present like a professional. Join Tom and Melissa for a […]

When the Team Leader Lets Go

The hallway was dark and narrow as we wound around the inside of a restaurant towards our table. At any given moment, I expected a Ninja to pop out and scare us…after all, we were having dinner at Ninja New York. My dinner experience was one of many unknown moments I had through the day […]

Introducing our Newest Dance Floor Theory Master Facilitator to Swift Kick

After an exciting three month search for our second Dance Floor Theory master facilitators, we finally have found someone! Please help us welcome Melissa Ruiz to the Swift Kick team! Melissa began her career in higher education in Conferences and Events, before transitioning into Residence Life and then Student Life and Academic Advising. She jokingly says there […]