“You are the Clownfish to My Anemone”

You are the Clownfish to My Anemone

Anyone who has seen Finding Nemo knows that clownfish like anemone.  They also know that “anemone” is really hard to say. This weekend, I went to the aquarium in Norwalk, CT with my family. We saw a fish go through the anemone, and the anemone seemed to actually brush the fish. It was pretty darn […]

This Isn’t Just a Job: Leadership Beyond Move-In Weekend

Leadership Beyond Move-In Weekend

“This isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle. Not too long ago, you were applicants. Now, you are a staff. Soon, you’ll learn to work as a team. And one day, you will be a family.”  This lesson was always incorporated into training sessions I led with student leaders I supervised. As I go to different schools, I […]

Travel Journal: Human Connection

Silent. Wide eyed. Breathless. Inspired. So high up above what felt like a completely different world, I stood alone. Getting to the top tells a much different story. I felt the ground crunch beneath my feet with each passing step. I could feel the wind pass through the trees that each rose what looked like miles above […]

Why ‘Disney’s Lion King’ Perfectly Explains Life

Disney’s Lion King

Outside of the brilliant animation work and the lovable characters, The Lion King (the first one primarily), highlights valuable lessons people, particularly leaders, should always work to remember. Yes, it might be a Disney movie, but these African animals represent so much more. WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD.  The Future Simba, the future king of Pride Rock, has […]

How “Better Together” Has Shaped My Journey

Better Together

Heart pounding, sun beaming down, thousands of faces rushing past you, and enormously tall skyscrapers looming overhead, welcome to New York City. Amidst the overcrowded city streets and fast moving traffic lights, I found myself simultaneously overwhelmed and excited. I had NO IDEA what to expect when I was hired to be an intern at Swift […]

5 Ways to Put Some Hope Back in the World

5 Ways to Put Some Hope Back in the World

It’s safe to say that we all need a little hope, love, and happiness right now, given that our country and our world feel crazier than ever. Despite the fact that very troubling news keeps breaking, I have found myself surprised to see positivity and compassion rise out of these ashes. I have been inspired […]

Top 5 Tips For Starting & Ending An Internship On A Good Note

At the time of writing this, I am about to end an internship where over the 6 month period the individuals I have worked with have become like a family to me.  So how did that happen and over just a 6 month period? Here are 5 tips for starting & ending an internship on a good […]

And the Cheese Stands Alone…

This week, Sabina has been out on vacation and Tom was gone for a training and then off to Ireland for vacation. As you know, our intern Dakota is virtual and, well, her last day was on Tuesday. Jay works remotely from India. And then there’s me. Alone. In a community workspace. By myself. Okay, I […]

It isn’t work work work work work work if it’s fun!

It isn’t work work work work work work if it’s fun!

Rihanna says it right when she says “work, work, work, work, work, work.” I have noticed as I get older that it is very easy for people to get caught up with their job. Having to get a report in on time, trying to make a sale, or having a good outcome to a meeting seems to […]

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