New Red Rover Feature: Get Your Follow On

Features and Bugs

Earlier this month, Tom wrote about the difference between communities based on weak ties and those built on stronger, face-to-face interactions. The strong-tie groups have a longevity that comes from the real-world relationships between members, while groups that are based on weak ties can form easily, but dissolve just as quickly if the members don’t […]

Red Rover Through a 7th Grader’s Eyes: A Day in the Life of a MicroIntern

Red Rover Through a 7th Grader's Eyes

Yesterday, technology teacher George Haines brought a group of his 7th and 8th grade students to our offices for a MicroInternship, a one-day opportunity to see what working in a tech startup is all about. Meaghan, our MicroIntern, spent most of the day working with us, and we were immediately impressed with her positive energy […]

February #RRWebinar Recap: Video, Slides, and Stats, Oh My.

With attendees hailing from over 70 institutions across North America, and a lively Twitter backchannel discussion, we’re chalking up our February 15 Webinar on Social Media and Student Engagement in the “success” column. Check out the full video above, or download the slides—but there is one catch: if you download the slides, you have to […]

Social Media and Student Activism: An Interview with Dan McDowell

Social Media

Dan McDowell is a junior at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, studying Political Science with a minor in Public Policy. He’s currently the Speaker of the Student Senate in the Undergraduate Student Government, contributes to the SGA Collaborative, and moderates the #SGAChat on Twitter. He took a break from his busy schedule to talk with us about […]

Beyond the Classroom: An Interview with Nic Ford

Interview with Nic Ford

Nic Ford is a sophomore at Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho, and is a member of the Red Rover Ground Team. He’s working toward a career in Marketing, and has big plans for his campus radio station this fall. Check out Nic’s design work at Nic spoke with us about using tools like the […]

Newsletter: June 2010


Summer vacation has begun, and the Fall ’10 semester is just a shimmer on the horizon, but the action never stops at the Red Rover Student Directory Headquarters. With new student orientations already underway, we’re seeing a steady increase in Student Directory activity for each institution. Here are a few more things we’re excited about […]

Guiding Principles – Part 1

Our Wikispace reminds me of my over stuffed parents’ attic. Among all the “once cool/relevant but now outdated” stuff are gems that got lost in the noise. In the process of updating a few Wiki pages, I stumbled upon our “Guiding Principles” page and, in rereading, realized it’s well worth exposing to the light once […]

The Value of Integrating Social Media into Education

Social Media

Dean Long, of LAUS, only needs two minutes to perfectly explain how every educator should be thinking about social media. VIDEO FILE NO LONGER AVAILABLE And if your life is too busy for a two-minute interlude, here are the highlights: Use SM (Social Media) to cultivate a community around the activities already being done on […]

Webinar – Leveraging Social Media for Student Engagement

Leveraging Social Media for Student Engagement

This Wednesday, Dec 16th, from 3:00-4:15pm EST, we’re partnering with The Student Affairs Blog to host our third webinar in an ongoing effort to provide value to the community on relevant topics. WEBINAR OVERVIEWTitle: Leveraging Social Media for Student Engagement Date: Wednesday, Dec 16th 2009 Time: 3-4:15pm EST Abstract: Most research concludes that at least […]