Social Media and Student Activism: An Interview with Dan McDowell

Social Media

Dan McDowell is a junior at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, studying Political Science with a minor in Public Policy. He’s currently the Speaker of the Student Senate in the Undergraduate Student Government, contributes to the SGA Collaborative, and moderates the #SGAChat on Twitter. He took a break from his busy schedule to talk with us about […]

Newsletter: November 2010


    As the month of November wound down to a close, we found ourselves reflecting on the things for which we are thankful. In a world of increasing digital noise, we are most grateful for the meaningful relationships and serendipitous discoveries that new technologies can bring. Stay tuned—in the next few months, we’ll be […]

Newsletter: October 2010


Ah, autumn…the leaves are turning, the days are getting cooler, and we are finally beginning to recover from all of the Halloween candy. Here are a few tips and treats that we’ve gathered for you in the last month—but don’t worry, these won’t contribute to your sugar coma.   A man of many titles, UW-Madison’s […]

Connecting at Georgia Highlands College


Here at Red Rover, student engagement is pretty much our raison d’être. From the moment a bright-eyed high school kid starts thinking about admissions essays, through the college years and beyond, we want to provide the tools and opportunities for students to get involved—to build relationships, to contribute, and to be successful. That’s why we […]

Increased Engagement Through Bizarre College Clubs

Yesterday, USA Today reported on how student participation in co-curricular (outside the classroom) activities leads to higher GPAs and a more satisfied social life. “College experts say students who participate in extracurricular activities are more engaged in the college experience, and benefits can be seen both in and outside the classroom.” The article’s focus wasn’t about participation […]

Newsletter: July 2010


From Independence Day fireworks, to the sounds of the World Cup vuvuzelas, to thermometer-busting heat waves, this July was a sizzler! As summer orientations continue and students prepare for the first day of classes, we’re here to keep you in the know. Connect With A Click Your custom Campus Directory web badge is freshly cooked […]

Newsletter: May 2010


With graduation mostly done and summer just beginning, new student orientation is not far off. That means a whole new crop of students are looking for what to do on campus. It’s the perfect time to ramp up new member recruitment efforts on Red Rover for your campus’ clubs and organizations. Here’s a look at […]

Students Helping Students

Students Helping Students

Kansas State University’s “Students Helping Students” campaign has the potential to be a national theme for peer-to-peer learning. For those who’ve had us on campus working with your student leaders, you should recognize the Blender Events and Flash Mobs throughout the video. Enjoy! VIDEO FILE NO LONGER AVAILABLE

What If We DO Succeed in Increasing Student Engagement?

How to Make Student Engagement Contagious

Over the weekend, I was talking with a group of students and advisors from Kutztown University about student engagement. In Swift Kick, we use dance floors to describe how student leaders are the ones in the center of the dance (fully engaged), and the rest of the student body (60-84% according to NSSE) are against […]

How to Make Student Engagement Contagious

How to Make Student Engagement Contagious

In 1969, famed psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted a social experiment looking at the contagiousness of engagement. Wired magazine’s Jonah Lehrer accurately summarizes the experiment: In this study, Milgram had “confederates” stop on a busy city street and look upwards at the sky. He demonstrated that when one person was looking up, 40 percent of passerby […]

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