QUIZ: What social media app represents your leadership style?

As a leader on your campus or in your community, you work daily to build the community and make it a great thing to be a part of. Each leader has a different way of bringing people together. It’s kind of like how all kinds of social media apps create communities in different ways…isn’t it? Take […]

[QUIZ] What 2015 Meme Represents Your Leadership Style

As we wrap up an amazing year, we couldn’t help but reflect on the different leadership styles, but with a fun twist! The internet enjoyed a great variety of ridiculous memes in 2015, so we thought it might be amusing to characterize different approaches to leadership in terms of a couple of the big meme hits. Enjoy! […]

4 Techniques to Turn Your Next Event into an Endorphin Party of Happiness

Photo Credit: Premasagar Rose[/caption] A group of 15 adults awkwardly stood in a circle waiting for the instructor’s command to start. I nervously looked over at my mom as this was nothing I’d ever done before…especially with my mom. “Ready? Go!” The whole circle exploded into a rumble of laughter. We started off with a […]

Making the Right Measurements in Higher Education [QUOTE]

Like baseball 10 years ago, higher education is focused on what’s easy to measure. For baseball it may have been body parts, batting averages and the numbers on the radar gun. For higher education, it’s the 3Rs: research, rankings and real estate. Each of these areas is easily quantified or judged: research citations or number […]

Are Linkedin Recommendations for Student Leaders the New Thing?

The first time I asked an advisor of mine to write me a letter of recommendation back in college he said, “sure, fill out what you want me to say and I’ll adjust as needed and sign.” At the time I thought that was cheating, but once I realized that he also got asked from […]