The Future of Free Hugs During The COVID-19 Pandemic

free hugs

Anyone who’s been a part of the Swift Kick family over the past 14 years knows that introducing the Free Hugs campaign to new people is a core part of our training. It’s how we teach people to build a Culture of Connection™ where everyone feels welcomed, connected, and engaged. But what about now, in […]

Party for One – The Value of Social Proof

Sylvia is the kind of person that wants to make a difference. When she sees an issue, she takes action. So when it was finals week at her university and she knew everyone was going to be stressed, she woke up early and drew the words “Free Hugs” on a large poster board. Then, she […]

The Essential Sameness of Camino de Santiago and Free Hugs

This post was written by Martine De Matteo, a graduate from Fordham University. Martine is the sister of Sabina, Swift Kick’s Community Manager. We are thrilled to share her beautifully written experience with our readers. Imagine waking up every morning at 6am for Free Hugs Day. That’s essentially what walking the Camino de Santiago is […]

That’s a Wrap on #FreeHugs18

Free Hugs Day has become quite the event at many schools around the US. From University of Delaware, to Johns Hopkins University, to Bossier Parish Community College we witnessed hugs at every corner of our country, at institutions of all kinds for #FreeHugs18 Last year, we talked about how Free Hugs Day has become a […]

Another Free Hugs Day in the Books! #FreeHugs17

Free Hugs Day has become quite the event at many schools around the US. From Texas A&M International University, to Fordham University in New York, to UC Berkeley, we witnessed hugs at every corner of our country. Free Hugs Day is a tradition for many different schools every year.  Check out what some of these […]

5 Creative Ways to Make Free Hugs Day Go Viral This Year

We are all here Take your pick Get a hug from Team Swift Kick! The whole point of doing a free hugs day is to get the people around you to ask “What’s going on?” That question helps them become more engaged within your community. Just holding a Free Hugs sign is unique enough that […]

And the Winning #FreeHugs Postcard Is…

Thank you to all those who voted for our 2017-2018 Free Hugs postcard! We are so grateful to Meredith Kenton for such creative contributions. Thanks for taking the time to design great postcards. Meredith is a Chemistry major at Washington College in Maryland. Fun facts about Meredith: Meredith grew up in Portland, Oregon and moved to Pennsylvania before middle school She’s […]

Design the Next #FreeHugs Postcard!

Are you a creative person? Does your art dazzle, amaze, and inspire? Do you want the opportunity to have your original design travel across the country? We have an exciting opportunity for you! Here’s the run down: Swift Kick loves free hugs. We want to spread that love as far as it can go. We’re […]

Top 10 Things To Do with Your Residents or Roommates During a SNOW DAY!

Almost everyone gets snow days. If you do not, I am so sorry. Snow days are personally my favorite days! The weather is cool, there are fun activities to do, and most importantly, NO SCHOOL!!! I think of snow days as “mental health days”. Everyone needs a day off every now and then. So just […]

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