Did We Just Break a Hugging World Record?! #FreeHugs16 Half-Time

From the Mouths of Huggers! International Free Hugs Day Update

This year, Free Hugs Day has been extra special. We just watched, live on Facebook, Tom and our amazing Intern Jake each attempt to break a DIFFERENT hugging world record at the same time, in different places. Check out the live feeds to find out if they did it… Jake at Bridgewater State University -2000 […]

4 Excuses You Can’t Use for Not Participating in Free Hugs Day

Are you ready for Free Hugs Day?! Many of you will be nodding your heads saying, “YES! LET ‘S DO THIS!” Others might not have a clue. And yet, others (and this post is for you) might be making excuses as to why you can’t run a Free Hugs Day on your campus. Here are some […]

[Infograph] How to Host the Best Free Hugs Day on Campus #FreeHugs16

Before you can get to that moment where someone you don’t know bounds across the quad to give you a HUGE hug, you have to have a plan. So we made a handy dandy infograph to show you how Free Hugs Day is done. Hugs, here we come! Why host a Free Hugs Day? Swift Kick […]

The Top 20 Movie Hugging Scenes

Everyone loves a free hug every now and then. Here are 20 movies that have the best movie hugging scenes EVER! Elf: Buddy the Elf trying to spread free hugs, even with a raccoon! Everyone should spread the love around, unless its someone who wants to bite your face off. Then it’s not such a […]

3 Types of Hugs for 3 Types of Moments


Every now and then I like to dwell think about my pageant days. Not because I am vain, but because if selected to represent New Jersey at Miss America, I think I would have done a darn good job. That moment would have changed my life forever. Who knows if I would even be writing […]

Why Are You So Positive All the Time?

This post is edited from an awesome newsletter by Sinclair Ceasar, a good friend of ours. He gave us permission to share! Lately, I’ve been asked a seemingly rhetorical question by different people at different times. While the empowered and daring me doesn’t feel like I need to qualify my actions and beliefs, the teacher and […]

5 Reasons Humans Need Humans

At face value, most would say our world is a mess. Collectively, we have a lot of work to do. I argue that it starts on a person -to-person level. I think love, respect and understanding can make great things happen. It just starts with a little human kindness. (And maybe some common sense.) In […]

Do you hug like a Ninja or a Koala Bear? [VIDEO]

How Not to Give FreeHugs

Some people hug like a koala; others hug like a rhino. Another day, another ridiculous video created by the Swift Kick team, with help from friends and family. This time, we decided to ask #TeamHuman the very important question: How do you hug? The answers were…unexpected. Ch-ch-check it out! Bonus points if you know how […]

And the Winning #FreeHugs Postcard Is…[Drumroll Please]

2017 Free Hugs postcard

Thank you to all those who voted for our 2016-2017 Free Hugs postcard! We are so grateful to Jaxy Stewart for such creative contributions. We are so happy you took the time to design great postcards from which to choose. Jaxy is a rising senior at Leslie University College of Art and Design, studying Art Design. Fun fact: Jaxy is […]

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