4 Excuses You Can’t Use for Not Participating in Free Hugs Day

Are you ready for Free Hugs Day?! Many of you will be nodding your heads saying, “YES! LET ‘S DO THIS!” Others might not have a clue. And yet, others (and this post is for you) might be making excuses as to why you can’t run a Free Hugs Day on your campus. Here are some excuses we simply won’t accept:

I don’t have time to hug people

6 seconds, people. That’s all it takes. You can spend 5 minutes in between classes holding your sign in the hallway. It will still make an impact. In fact, stand in the doorway and greet people with Free Hugs as they come into class.

I don’t have people to hug

That’s the fun of it. Just hold up the sign. People will come to you. They won’t be able to help it.

I don’t have the supplies to make it successful

All you need is this sign. Which if you sign up, we will send to you.


What if no one wants to hug me?

Try a high-5, a fist bump, a hand hug, a head nod. Still nothing? Then you march on over to NYC so Sabina and I can hug you!

Now get out there and spread hugs and human kindness! #TeamHuman

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