Can I Be Real A Second? [Open Doors, Open Hearts Style]

Can I be real a second, For just a millisecond? -George Washington, Hamilton First, this post is a personal one, stemming from a core value here at Swift Kick, Open Doors, Open Hearts, so I hope you can relate. Second, yes, I am still obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack. Now that we have that settled, I’d like […]

Why This 9 Letter Word is So Meaningful

When I came here, I was looking for a community. Then I realized I was helping to create one.” – OSU If you look at the word “community” what do you see? Here at Swift Kick, this amazing nine-letter word means so much. Take a look as we break down each letter to explain why […]

12 months of #TeamHuman (Try Not to Cry)

It’s the little things that count. Click through each of the 12 months to see how our world supported #TeamHuman in 2016. You don’t have to do a lot to help someone in need. A small gesture can go a long way. (We aren’t responsible for  any tears you shed as you go through the […]

The Holiday Hugging Workout

Holiday Hugging! Well, look what we have here…the holidays and tons of holiday hugging. When did they sneak up on us? If you’re just as confused as we are about the new year being right around the corner, fear not. Swift Kickers and exercise extraordinaires, Jake and Melissa, have a preview of some of the […]

Love All Ways – An End of the Year Reflection

As I walked by the sign, I read the words, processed it, but it took about ten steps (NYC steps, so 0.7 seconds) to interpret it. Love All Ways. Not a misspelling. Two directives that mean so much. While walking down 57th Street to get to the bootcamp class I teach, what I expected to be […]

How My Professor is a Part of #TeamHuman

For the past week, I have been studying for my psychology exam. I didn’t do so great on the first one, so I was determined to do amazing on my final. When driving to class, I was jamming out to some awesome 90s music and enjoying the traffic that came along. After arriving at Kutztown, […]

Tom was on TV About the Hugging World Record!

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Hugs are free, For me and you! On Thursday, November 3, we hosted Student Free Hugs Day.  Thank you to the College of DuPage for hosting the attempt at breaking a world record for the most number of hugs in one minute. It was an honor for Tom to […]

That’s a Wrap on Free Hugs Day 2016!

Another Free Hugs Day is in the books! Over 30,000 hugs were pledged with over 40 schools. Thank YOU, the Swift Kick community, for an amazing day. Check out some Free Hugs facts and videos from this years event: Swift Kick’s official video Bridgewater State University Texas Tech Want in on more fun? Keep an […]

Kicking Bullying to the Curb

Meet Addison Mallery! HI! My name is Addy Mallery, and I am a 19 year old sophomore student studying at Allegany College of Maryland.  I am currently in the early childhood education program, and will be graduating with my associates’ degree next spring. I will then be transferring to Frostburg State to get my Bachelors […]

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