5 Things You’ll Learn as a Swift Kick Intern

Being a Swift Kick intern is so much more than any ol’ internship. You won’t be getting anyone coffee. (But if you did, Sabina and Melissa would love you more.) You will learn five (or more) important lessons here.

Confidence in your abilities

Swift Kick is a small team. That means that all the work you do  is vital. We NEED you here. While that may seem scary at first, you’ll learn that you can rock star anything. You’ll go from “I don’t know how to do that…” to “Psh, I got this, someway, somehow.”

Balancing work and fun

We have a lot of fun. Seriously, check our quotes board. But we also get it done. You’ll learn how to make serious progress without forcing your team to be stuffy and boring. It’s a delicate balance that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Going above and beyond

One of our core values is “Play To Win.” This means that in everything you do, you’ll be maximizing your resources to go above and beyond expectations. You’ll keep that mindset wherever you go, and that will greatly impact the work you do.

Quality matters

You’ll learn to be okay with constructive criticism because every re-iteration of the same project will sharpen your skills. You will be challenged in an environment where you feel safe to mess up if it means getting a first draft out there. That first draft will be amazing by the end.

Sharing really is caring

We believe in “Open Doors Open Hearts.” All members of the Swift Kick family know that we care about each other’s struggles and triumphs. You’ll learn how to be open and vulnerable if it means making the team better, and helping yourself.

Everyone here at Swift Kick HQ loves what they do. We want YOU to feel the same.

Apply today to become a Swift Kick intern!

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