Why Core Values are Important

Here at Swift Kick, we follow 5 main Core Values. These values are brought up each week at various times. I even find myself using them outside of work! It is nice to have Core Values within your organizations to follow because you can keep each other accountable. The 5 Core Values that Swift Kick values are the P.R.O.F.S. (This has nothing to do with a professor, which is what I thought in the beginning as well).

Play To Win:

Maximize resources to finish what you start and exceed expectations

Playing to win is when you go above and beyond on a certain project you are working on. For example, let’s say I was expected to conduct an icebreaker for my organization that was a guessing game. I am only expected to ask questions for individuals to answer. Instead, I decided to create a PowerPoint that was colorful and included pictures. I Played To Win by exceeding the expectations of just creating a simple guessing game.

Raise The Tide:

We’re in this together, so contribute to the greater good of our whole community

Raising the tide is about helping others. A good example is when Sabina is having trouble doing all of the RAK17 day preparation herself. I realized that she is struggling, so I decided to message her to ask if there is anything I can do to help her out. Here, I am Raising The Tide by going out of my way to help her with her tasks on a project, so it can be completed on time.

Open Doors, Open Hearts:

Share your work and emotions and know that through openness comes trust, respect, and growth

This Core Value is one of my favorites. During a meeting, 1:1, or just when you need someone to talk to, this is the time to be open. You can share any positive thoughts, or you can share something that is bothering you and need to talk about it. Maybe you need some help finding a solution, or you just need to vent a little. It is always nice to know that there is someone else listening when you need it. For example, there are some family problems happening back home and I need to talk about it a little. I would take this time during our one-one-one meeting, to bring up my situation and just talk with Melissa for a bit. She then gives me her feedback, or just simply lets me know that she is there for me. This helps my team know why I might be a little “off” during work hours.

Feed Your Butterflies:

Explore your un-comfort zone for growth and creativity

This particular core value is super beneficial to have in your organization. Feeding your butterflies helps you explore your un-comfort zone. For example, maybe there is a problem in the organization I am a part of, but I feel uncomfortable approaching my advisor about it. By Feeding My Butterflies, I decided to go up to her anyway and talk to her about the problem. After the fact, I feel so much better knowing that by stretching my comfort zone, I became a better teammate and the problem is handled.

See It Through Their Eyes:

Through compassionately understanding someone else’s perspective comes clarity

I love to see e-boards using this core value. When you are Seeing It Through Their Eyes, you are looking from someone else’s point-of-view. For example, let’s say I am the president of an organization and I realize that some of my general board members are not enjoying the meetings. I would want to put myself in their position and see from their point-of-view why the meeting is not working out. By doing this, I am hopefully making my organization better and involving everyone.

Until next time, have a great day!

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