Dance Floor Theory on Facebook

Dance Floor Theory on Facebook

In Dance Floor Theory™ we outline four steps it takes for a student leader to move a group from a “bad dance” to a “good dance.” They are…

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Introduce People To Each Other
  3. Make Small Relevant Groups
  4. Get Out Of The Way

As more schools and student groups build an online presence for their community, the same four steps apply…

1) Introduce Yourself

introduce yourself
2) Introduce People To Each Other

intro people to each other
3) Make Small Relevant Groups

small groups
And lastly, “Step 4: Get Out Of The Way” which, in all the above images, you see an example of the leader setting up the connection and then getting out of the way.

Arguably it’s even easier to run through Dance Floor Theory online then it is offline because there’s more data and tools, such as tagging, to work with. If you are the leader of an online community for your school or student group, using the four steps above is one great way, of many**, to supercharge the member engagement and retention in your online community.

** Link Broken as of July/2019

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