Fun @ Swift Kick Central

Right now we are knee-deep in HTML coding, logo designing, and HTTP getting that it’s only natural for us to release some steam and have a little fun.

National Poke Me Day.png

With the help of our stupefiant intern, Tony, we created a National Facebook Poke Day.

The idea is to poke as many people as possible on April 16th. To pull it back to Dance Floor Theory, think of each poke as a mini introduction on the massive dance floor of Facebook. And the more relationships we can build on Facebook, the more fun it will be.

It would be great if Facebook actually tracked the number of pokes per day… Let me take that back, I am sure they track the number of pokes as they can track just about everything else. The more people we can get in on the group, the more pokes we can generate.

In preparation, we here at SK Central are running daily finger poking drills. Happy poking!!!

Poking Finger Pic.png

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